Beneteau Barracuda 6 (2 uksega versioon)
Tootekood: BARRACUDA6
Kaubamärk: Beneteau
Laoseis: Tellimisel
The Barracuda 6 is versatile, sporty and robust, with a deck plan optimized for fishing
and lots of clever fittings. Benefitting from the experience acquired during the Barracuda Tour,
it is perfect for fishing and coastal cruising.
Built on the latest outboard hulls developed by Beneteau, the Barracuda 6 is quick to plane
and is extremely stable underway. The large cockpit has a built-in fishing station together with live
bait well. The bow can be reached by a large walkway and has a comfortable second fishing station.

24384,00 €
CE sertifikaat C6/D6
Inimesi 6
Joogiveetank (l) 20
Kaal (kg) 1403
Kere materjal Klaasplast
Kere pikkus (m) 5,52
Kütusetank (l) 100
Laius (m) 2,5
Maksimaalne võimsus 104/140
Mootori tüüp Päramootor
Pikkus (m) 6,50
Süvis (m) 0,9
Sarnased tooted
Beneteau Barracuda 7
Klisseeriva kere ja keskkajutiga Barracuda 7 on just see, mida vajad kiireks kruiisimiseks, kalastamiseks või veehobidega tegelemiseks. Ideaalne mootorivalik on 150...200hj rippmootor ning maks.kiirused kuni 35kn.
Rikkalik lisavarustuse nimekiri laseb Sul paadi täpselt enda järgi kujundada - kalastus- ja kruiisingpakett on ainult osa valikust.

UUS 2018. aasta mudel
Tootekood: BARRACUDA7 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
31068,00 €
Beneteau Barracuda 8
Klisseeriva kere ja keskkajutiga Barracuda 8 on just see, mida vajad kiireks kruisimiseks, kalastamiseks või veehobidega tegelemiseks. Barracuda 8 on disainitud ja arendatud arvestades brändi väärtuseid nagu merekindlus, disain, ohutus ja innovatsioon.
Rikkalik lisavarustuse nimekiri laseb Sul paadi täpselt enda järgi kujundada - kalastus- ja kruiisingpakett on ainult osa valikust.

Tootekood: BARRACUDA8 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
39240,00 €
SWIFT TRAWLER 44 standard paat
SWIFT TRAWLER 44 - Chic and modern, the Swift Trawler 44 is a distillation of the best this boat has to offer. This “Trawler by Beneteau” is fast and highly seaworthy, designed for ocean cruising. She is at home on all seas and her consistent energy efficiency makes her a world leader in her category.
EXTERIOR DESIGN - The Swift Trawler 44 is the result of a joint collaboration by the Beneteau design office, the architect Michel Joubert and the designer Pierre Frutschi. Underway, her semi-displacement hull offers very enjoyable sensations at all speeds, as well as terrific stability as she breaks through the waves. She is timelessly elegant, combining classic style and great modernity.
INTERIOR DESIGN - Designed to increase the living space, the interior of the Swift Trawler 44 is full of light. Her fittings have a variety of functions and there are a large number of storage spaces. Her cabins look like rooms and in a few steps the convertible sofa turns the saloon into a guest room. The ergonomic helm station and anti-glare windshield enhance safety underway. The Mahogany woodwork adds a classic yet contemporary touch, creating a warm atmosphere.
SWIFT & BALANCED - Whatever thoughts you have on long-distance cruising and whatever the destination, the Swift Trawler 44 is surprisingly versatile. A well-balanced boat, it provides a unique feeling of safety and well-being.
Tootekood: SWIFT44 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
450720,00 €
Beneteau Antares 6

A small pilothouse boat at the top of its game! The profile of the new Antares 6 is both modern and timeless, yet she still has all the features that have made this range a success in the last 40 years. The ideal boat for excursions, fishing trips, and picnic outings, she goes a long way to building boating confidence and making the experience enjoyable.

Built on the latest generation of outboard hulls, this fishing cruiser is incredibly stable and truly a pleasure to drive. With a single engine of up to 115 hp, the Antares 6 is impressively manoeuvrable and makes quick work of getting in and out of harbours.

Tootekood: ANTARES6 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
23448,00 €
Beneteau Antares 9

The ultimate weekender! With an innate sense of detail and comfort, the Antares 9 is an invitation to spend more time at sea. Modern and stylish, she preserves the traditional elegance of a established range. Autonomy, habitability, panache – she has everything to make short cruising a great experience.

With her Airstep® hull, the Antares 9 cuts gently through the waves offering a comfortable ride and safe navigation. With U-shaped seats that convert to sunbathing areas, her attractive spacious cockpit (1.53 x 2.40 m) is a great place to relax with friends. With up to 2 x 200 hp power, the Antares 9 has the latest technological developments in terms of outboard engines.

Tootekood: ANTARES9 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
72600,00 €