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VARIANTA 37.17 Standard Yacht

Varianta is simply cleverer - world premiere of the new Varianta 37 at the Hanseboot in Hamburg. Classic round forms on the outside and modern design below deck - this is the look of the new model in the Varianta range.

The exterior of the Varianta 37 shines with a typically honest, modern form. A sporty hull with deep T-keel and semi-balanced rudder combined with a high-performance rig, large mainsail and a slightly overlapping Genoa makes sailing the Varianta an unforgettаble experience. The cockpit is spacious and ergonomically designed and offers a high level of safety thanks to the high backrests.

The structure is elegant and, with up to five portholes, provides the interior with lots of light and air. Inside, the Varianta 37 impresses with clear lines and modern design. Up to three cabins are available to choose from. The cabins have generously sized lockers with enough space for longer sailing trips. The saloon is spacious and equipped with a wide range of well thought-out details, such as the folding chart tаble.

The integrated wet area with WC and shower is generous in size and makes travelling on board the Varianta an extremely comfortаble experience. The full pantry offers lots of storage space, a gas cooker with oven, sink and a fridge. The modern interior impresses through the use of high-quality materials and fresh charm.

The functional upholstery in Varianta design gives the boat a cool flair, the modern walnut wood creates a cozy atmosphere. The real eyecatcher in the saloon is the trapezoidal tаble design, which creates a homely feel with the wooden elements and also underlines the simple and elegant ambiance. This space is perfect for eating breakfast and relaxing - or simply enjoying the surroundings...

The side walls are covered with felt, which gives them an airy-light look. Different light sources, such as the deck hatches which can be opened, create an interplay of light and shadow. Compartments behind the felt saloon benches provide storage space: clever - just like eve

Tootekood: VA37.15 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
99480,00 €
VARIANTA 44.17 Standard Yacht
I want a boat which is right for me! The Varianta 44. What doesn´t exist doesn´t exist but this is a must.
I want to race in regattas! The Varianta 44 an extremely fast sailing yacht; efficiently adjustable mainsheet traveler, backstay and German cupper system enable optimum mainsail trim. In strong winds the foresail can be reefed so quickly that your opponent will be astounded.

I want family sailing! A safe boat for the all my family and also my friends with their families. The Varianta 44 offers so much space both above and below decks. Forward the children´s room and aft the adults relaxation room. In the morning everyone can breakfast together because in Varianta 44 there is room for everybody at one table.

I want to sail differently! No problem. There are no limits to the sailing freedom or the design creativity. There is ample room for your ideas. We are excited to see just how your Varianta 44 will set new trends.

The Varianta 44, like the Varianta 18, is an open- class sailing yacht. Yachts for sailors who want to distinguish themselves from sailors who want to distinguish themselves. We do not want pomp and gaudiness without a real purpose. The Varianta 44 affords its owner status when he wants. The Varianta 44 is not different because something was left out, rather because Varianta is made to be different and practical.

We do not compromise on quality! Besides many other fittings the ready-to-sail boat includes:

- Reefable Genoa including hanks.
- German Cupper System
- Rodkicker
- LED Navigation lights
- Large wheel – 1800 mm
- Gas cooker with oven
- Sunbrella upholstery
- Large portable cool boxes
- AGM Battery 90 Ah Motor / 165 Ah Service
Tootekood: VA44.15 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
129480,00 €