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RPU300 on kahesuunaline pump, mis sobib paatidele kuni 70 jalga. Toimib koos NAC-3/AC42-ga osana autopiloodi süsteemist.
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Reliable, rugged and built to last, the new ultra-quiet Lowrance® Ghost™ freshwater trolling motor lets anglers fish longer, run faster and move in closer without spooking fish. Ghost has a revolutionary brushless motor with the most thrust and the longest run time of any trolling motor on the market. With integrated Lowrance sonar options, waypoint anchoring and an industry-leading, three-year warranty, Ghost is the new standard for your trolling motor upgrade.

Silent Operation
So silent, you’ll wonder if it’s running, Ghost allows you to move in closer than ever before with its ultraquiet brushless motor. Fish will never hear you coming.

Incredible Performance
Zoom from spot to spot or zip across the cove with up to 25-percent more thrust than competing models. Ghost’s brushless motor also delivers 60-percent better run-time efficiency, so you can enjoy the best topend speed and acceleration without sacrificing battery life. Stay out later and run it harder – you will fish longer with Ghost.

Own Your Spot
Ghost’s powerful and precise anchoring lets you anchor your boat on a waypoint, at your current location or anywhere on the map – regardless of wind conditions – so you can spend more time fishing and less time maintaining your position. With a simple press of your foot, you can lower or raise your Power-Pole® shallow-water anchor or anchor at your current location using the quick access keys built into the Ghost foot pedal.

Total Integration
Steer your boat, adjust your speed, set up route navigation or anchor at your current location with full touchscreen control from HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon and Elite Ti2 displays. Our Pro Team anglers asked us to build a trolling motor with full integration capability, including a foot pedal that could serve as an extension of the display’s user interface. We listened – delivering an all-everything pedal with easily accessible Anchor and Heading Mode quick access keys, plus programmable shortcut keys that can be used for saving waypoints and controlling Power-P
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