Amarok, Red/black, XS, 50-60 kg
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Brand: Baltic
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Soft and comfortable floatation suit. Fully waterproof with taped seams. Four outer pockets and two fleece-lined outside pockets. Internal braces. Approved according to the same standard as a buoyancy aid. Remains soft and comfortable to wear at very low temperatures. Buoyancy: 80N.
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The split front panels give this lifejacket a very comfortable fit. Features include retro-reflective patches, whistle and crutch strap. A grab handle under the collar. Size 3-15 kg has a beaver tail design crutch strap with twin fastening points.
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Legend sits further out on the shoulders and further back from the neck than other models. This shape in combination with soft and flexible materials makes for a very comfortable lifejacket. Harness SLA models are approved for ocean sailing in accordance with the World Sailing OSR, equipped with woven loop and airy mesh lining in the back. All variants have inspection windows and detachable crotch straps.
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Our top selling model of lifejacket in an updated design. Strong outer fabric and fitted with an detachable crutch strap. Buoyancy 165N.
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Reversible buoyancy aid. With the front and back panels formed from pockets of buoyant foam. Two zipped front pockets. Approved according to the same standard as a 50N buoyancy aid.
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104,94 €
A lifejacket for children and juniors with integrated CE approved safety harness with a stainless steel D-ring front and back for lifeline attachment. Size 3-15 kg has D-ring only at the back. Fitted with whistle, retro-reflective patches and crutch strap. The smallest size is equipped with grab handle behind the collar, beaver tail crutch strap and twin fastening points for the best possible fit.
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