Antares 7
Brand: Beneteau
LAOPAAT, kohe olemas!

Hind sisaldab:

Nordic pakett 2020:
• katuseluuk
• ujumisplatvormid
• eksterjööri istmepadjad
• WC koos kogumispaagiga
• teine tuuleklaasi kojamees koos aknapesuga
• roolimaja liugaken koos kardinaga
• veesüsteem: valamu salongis ja WC-s/ kokpiti dušš
• interjööri kardinad
• Elektriline ankrupeli koos ankrurulliga
• Sildumise/ ankurdamise komplekt
• Päikesetekiks muudetav kokpit
• Aste vöörikorvis koos redeliga
• Tiigist kokpiti laud
• Vööripõtkur
• Elektrisüsteem 220V - 40A akulaadija
• Gaasipliit
• Külmik 42L
• Lisavoodi salongis
• Telkkate
• Mootor EVINRUDE K150 GXP

TASUTA kaasa Simrad Go 9´´ 3in1 multifunktsionaalne ekraan koos sonari anduri ja Eesti detailkaardiga, väärtus 1170 EUR

Price: 69000,00 €
59900,00 €
CE sertifikaat C8/D8
Inimesi 8
Joogiveetank (l) 50
Kaal (kg) 1886
Kere materjal Klaasplast
Kere pikkus (m) 6,48
Kütusetank (l) 170
Laius (m) 2,50
Maksimaalne võimsus 130/175
Mootori tüüp Päramootor
Pikkus (m) 7,48
Süvis (m) 0,85
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GRAN TURISMO 50 FLY - The Gran Tursimo 50 Fly is a sport cruiser with a flybridge, offering driving sensations second to none, inside and out in the open air. The essence of the range can be seen in her silhouette. She is resolutely sporty. With lots of space for receiving friends and family on board, you will enjoy her bright comfort and luxury atmosphere.
EXTERIOR DESIGN - The sport Flybridge has been completely built into the sporty line of the boat. A real panoramic terrace, you will enjoy the height and the even greater driving sensations. In the cockpit, the bench seats convert into sun loungers to create a huge area in which to relax. The “Special” limited edition available in three different colours emphasises the style of this Gran Tursimo 50 Fly.
INTERIOR DESIGN - To increase inside space, a mezzanine has been designed. The cockpit lounge opens onto the indoor galley, which is below. The two of these offer supremely bright living spaces.
Noble materials and contrasting colours create a glamorous atmosphere on board. The walnut wood marries with high gloss acquered furniture and padding in shades of taupe, bronze and cream. The Gran Tursimo 50 Fly offers many opportunities for personalisation.
ENJOY FOUR STAR COMFORT - The Gran Tursimo 50 Fly cultivates a passion for sport cruising, and offers a comfort of lifestyle second to none.

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A small pilothouse boat at the top of its game! The profile of the new Antares 6 is both modern and timeless, yet she still has all the features that have made this range a success in the last 40 years. The ideal boat for excursions, fishing trips, and picnic outings, she goes a long way to building boating confidence and making the experience enjoyable.

Built on the latest generation of outboard hulls, this fishing cruiser is incredibly stable and truly a pleasure to drive. With a single engine of up to 115 hp, the Antares 6 is impressively manoeuvrable and makes quick work of getting in and out of harbours.
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Hind sisaldab:
• Nordic pakett 2018
- Ilma ankrurullita
- Pikendatud ahtriplatvormid mõlemas pardas
- Eksterjööri istmepadjad
- Manuaalne tualett koos tangiga
- Teine tuuleklaasi „kojamees“
- Katuseluuk koos kardinaga
- Veesüsteem: segisti, kraanikauss, dušš kokpitis
- Interjööri kardinad
• Sildumise/ankurdamise komplekt (otsad ja vendrid)
• Kokpiti istmed seatavad päikesetekiks
• Tiigipuust kokpiti laud
• 230V kaldavoolusüsteem – 40A laadimine
• Gaasipliit / 42 l külmik
• Kajuti istmed seatavad voodiks
• Evinrude C150 PXH H.O G2 päramootor
• Mürkvärv
• Paadi registreerimine Maanteeametis + reg. märk
• Lowrance HDS-9 Carbon multifunktsionaalne ekraan
• Stereo seade Marine Black Box BB100 + kõlarid
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Featuring the “smart walkaround” concept, the Flyer 10 marries easy movement on board with safety, and with an asymmetric single port walkway, she offers a bigger deck space, with a vast three people sunbathing area, and a unique amount of cabin space. Bordering on a sport cruiser, the Flyer 10 provides unique living space. The two double berths, divided among a saloon cabin and a mid-cabin, mean that you can spend a few nights on board.The boat is truly comfortable with a proper shower room, with a head separate from the shower, in addition to a large storage space at the foot of the stairway.Two long hull windows pleasantly bathe the interior in light.
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SWIFT TRAWLER 44: The Swift Trawler 47 combines confidence with affordability and it is the ideal boat for travelling with the family. She is designed to take you further faster and appeals for her distinctive character, elegant comfort and extra roominess on board. Her robust look instantly inspires safety. This feeling is confirmed on board with a very practical open deck plan. Large walkways and several hand rails make passengers feel extra safe moving around. On the large flybridge, up to four people can sit up front underway, facing the sea. The cockpit is wonderfully modular so that you can enjoy the best of what the sea has to offer. The transom provides access to a large swim platform where you can enjoy leisure activities while at anchor. Already easy to handle with its twin engine, the Swift Trawler 47 can be equipped with joysticks that will make manoeuvring in the harbour child’s play.
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