RAPALLO (with eye-splice) 350mm, 14mm, black
RAPALLO (with eye-splice) 350mm, 14mm, black
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Specifications: Material: polyester 3, Field of use: anchor line, mooring line
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Due to its modern cover construction, our Admiral 3000 is ideally suited for use as a sheet on yachts of all sizes. Admiral 3000 is a cordage to be used on all kinds of winches. Its special construction and fiber mixture provides for perfect grip on the winch drum or in the ratchet block.
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Admiral 5000 is an allround rope that is easy to splice and taper while offering highest breaking load values at the same time. Admiral 5000 is made for sailors and riggers who need the properties of Admiral 7000 in a cordage that is easy to splice (sometimes by means of on-board equipment only).
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