Solar Charge Controller for Power 48-5000
Solar Charge Controller for Power 48-5000
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Brand: Torqeedo
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Makes it possible to charge the Power 48-5000 with solar energy (solar panels not included); Switches the system on by itself when there is enough sunlight; The integrated MPPT maximizes the energy output of the solar modules during charging with very high efficiency; Up to 6 solar charge controllers can be connected in parallel
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Specially adapted to the Power 24-3500 (Power 26-104); Enables the Power 24-3500 (Power 26-104) to be charged with solar energy (solar modules not included); Integrated MPPT maximizes the energy yield of the solar modules during charging; Very high level of efficiency
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Charge current 50 A; Charges the Power 48-5000 from 0 to 100% in < 2 hours; Waterproof to IP65; TorqLink data interface – enables fast data exchange between TorqLink components without gateway; When using the aluminium throttle (1949-00, 1950-00, 1951-00, 1952-00) or the TorqLink throttle (1976-00), the charging power – can be reduced via the menu setting
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High-performance lithium battery 3,500 Wh; Energy power density to 138 Wh / kg; Weight is just 25.3 kilograms; 12 hours to fully recharge with the standard 350 watt charger; Optional 1700 watt fast charger recharges under 2 hours; Waterproof to IP67; Including battery management system with integrated protection against overcharging, short circuit, deep discharge, polarity reversal, overheating and submersion.
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Use this cable set for the use of lead, AGM or LFP batteries (incl. Power 24-3500) with your Cruise 10.0 from model year 2021 onwards; Compatible with all Cruise 10.0 models from model year 2021 onwards (serial number from 21xxxxxxxxx-xx-x); Use cable set 1969-00 for Cruise 10.0 up to model year 2020 (serial number up to and including 20xxxxxxxxx-xx-x); This cable set is designed for use with a bus bar or a bus bar with fuse holder (not included in the scope of delivery).
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