Tracer Sunglasses
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All Gill sunglasses are floatаble, so if you drop them, all is not lost. They feature UV protection and 100% glare free polarised lenses specifically designed for use on the water.
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OS1 Naiste purjetamispüksid on valmistatud vastu pidama ka kõige raskemates tingimustes avamerel. Pükstel on põlve ja istme tugevdused ja fliisist taskud. See on valmistatud tugevast, täiesti ilmastikukindlast 5 Dot™ 3-kihilisest veekindlast ja väga hingavast kangast.

Built for the worst conditions imaginable, the OS1 Women´s Trouser is tough, totally weatherproof and perfectly at home on any ocean crossing. With extensive knee and seat abrasion protection, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets and a female specific drop seat design. Our high performance 5 Dot™ 3-layer shell fabric is ruggedly durable, waterproof and highly breathable, making it perfect for extended use.
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