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The Simrad HS80A GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) compass is designed to provide reliable heading, ROT and position information to Simrad Autopilots and the MX Series of navigation and AIS transponder systems.
Dual IMO compliance Certification as GPS sensor with GLONASS (GNSS)
Primary Navigation System with MX CDU
Heading Device
Customer saves the cost of Navigation antenna. This is an advantage over competitive products available in market
NMEA 2000 interface with supplied adaptor
Easy interface with NMEA 2000 bus and NMEA 2000 devices
1PPS output option with optional 15m Power/Data cable
Pitch, Roll and Heave as standard output
Position and Heading 1 to 20 Hz
DGPS Corrections from SBAS satellites
NMEA 0183 interface with optional 15m power/data cable
HS80A will work in GPS + GLONASS mode with GN70, MX610 and MX612 CDU
CCS (China Classification Society) certification with GN70/MX610/MX612 CDU
HS80A also has NMEA 2000 certification
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Simrad P2005 GPS system with GS70 Antenna.
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