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The Simrad E5024 PLECDIS system is an IMO type-approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels including large passenger ships, tankers, and cargo ships subject to the ECDIS Carriage Mandate. Ideal for vessels required to retrofit ECDIS to meet amended SOLAS requirements, the modular E5024 PLECDIS system offers simple installation in dual-station (PLECDIS) configurations.
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Simrad is committed to providing a full ECDIS solution to the commercial market with a comprehensive range of products. This product certifies the trainee instructors to issue Navico Types Specific ECDIS Training (TST) certificates after completion. Send any questions to
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Simrad-Maris NAVTEX Interface software version 1.3
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Designed to be used with R5000 Processor and Phoenix Contact UPS and Power Supply for ECDIS900 MK15 and ECDIS E50XX.
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