Tootekood: 19-PIN-DATA-CABLE
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MX521B DGPS GNSS Antenna w/ GLONASS & Beacon Receiver for IMO GPS Systems. Combine with P3007 GPS Display and MX610 or MX612 Junction Boxes for a complete and approved positioning system.
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1980,00 €
Paigaldus komplektis kõik vajalik, et GPS antenn paigaldada postile, radarikaarele või reelingusse
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36,00 €
HS80A GPS Compass - IMO Approved GPS compass designed to provide reliable heading, ROT and position information to the vessel. Best possible heading source from a GPS compass at <0.5° RMS, perfect for Simrad AP70MK2 Autopilot systems, P3007 GPS Systems and more. Supports GPS and GLONASS.
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