6.5” 230 W Sports Chrome Speakers with CRGBW LED LightingSG-FL652SPC
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Tootekood: SG-FL65SPW ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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The MS-NRX300 NMEA 2000 Certified Wired Remote Control is an out of the box solution for adding localized control of a compatible FUSION marine entertainment system to any vessel.

The MS-NRX300 features a sleek new innovation: the glass helm flush mounting option. You can now choose either a flush mount for a stunning glass helm finish, or you can easily install with the conventional dash mount finish. Either way, the feature packed MS-NRX300 will give you everything you want from a wired remote and more.

Compatible FUSION Products: MS-UD750, MS-AV750, MS-UD650, MS-AV650, MS-RA70N, MS-BB100, MS-RA205, MS-BB300, MS-IP700i, MS-AV700i
NMEA 2000 Certification LEN3
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