EP50/EG50 Replacement Battery
EP50/EG50 Replacement Battery
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VHF raadio/Käsi GPS. Veekindel VHF käsiraadio, mis jääb veepinnale ulpima. Sisse-ehitatud täpse GPS vastuvõtjaga Link-2 sisaldab trackplotterit, võimsat 700mW
audio väljundit ja palju muud.
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Lihtne paigaldada, 2 värvi valikut, pööratud LCD öö reziim.
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The V60-B includes a Class B AIS transmitter and receiver, which not only receives AIS targets but also transmits your yacht’s position to nearby AIS-equipped vessels. This helps other mariners to spot your boat through any conditions, day or night. A built-in AIS receiver monitors the position of other AIS-equipped vessels, helping you to proactively avoid collisions in crowded harbours and waterways. AIS information can be viewed on the radio’s built-in screen, or overlaid on your chart or radar screen through a compatible chartplotter.
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