Tootekood: F1828T
Laoseis: Tellimisel
BRIG FALCON Tender seeria RIB paadid on saadaval LUXURY versioonis, millel ahtris lai iste seljatoega ahtris ja roolikonsool millel on külgiste. Tegemist lihtsa paadiga, mis on koostatud kvaliteetselt ning millel on head sõiduomadused ka kehvema ilmaga.

FALCON F420T, Size 420x190cm, weight 170kg, Max 60HP, Max pers 5, Fuel tank 33L as extra equipment, Hypalon 1 800 EUR
6000,00 €
Kogus: - +
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CE sertifikaat C
Inimesi 5
Kaal (kg) 170
Kandevõime (kg) 868
Kere materjal Klaasplast/PVC või Hypalon
Laius (m) 1,90
Maksimaalne võimsus 44/60
Pikkus (m) 420
Süvis (m) 0,2
Toru diameeter (m) 0,48
Sarnased tooted
FALCON 360 is a convinient and seaworthy boat despite its measurements. As most of a models in a FALCON line it can be presented in three different variants – no console, sport console and traditional offset steering console.This model is equipped with a deep V rigid hull to improve its riding qualities. You can enjoy your dry ride with a small band of friends or entertain your children.

FALCON F360, Size 360x175cm, weight 90kg, Max 35HP, Max pers 4, Hypalon 1 100 EUR
Tootekood: F1154 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
3200,00 €
EAGLE 6 is our luxury performance sports RIB for the whole family, built with comfort, style and safety in mind. With an extended bow area accommodating a generous sundeck, the Eagle 6 is a highly desirable sports cruiser. There is comfortable seating for 10 passengers and large lockers under each seat providing ample storage.

As with all the Eagle series, the Eagle 6 is designed with a reinforced deep ‘V’ hull, along with extended waterline length, extra-wide tubes and a square bow, all of which ensure a stable and dry ride even in heavy seas.
EAGLE E6, Size 595x240cm, weight 550kg, Max 150HP, Max pers 10, Fuel tank 121L, Hypalon 2 700 EUR
Tootekood: E1590 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
21900,00 €
Please welcome the brand new installment of the Legendary line – Eagle 6.7. This new model inherited all the best features of the predecessor and evolved into the best family RIB of this size in the World. Sometimes, small changes make a big difference, that’s the case for Eagle 6.7. The deep V hull is completely redesigned to improve seaworthiness, handling and stability. A brand new multi-purpose navigation mast adds a touch of elegance and highlights the renewed Eagle line DNA.
The Eagle 6.7 is fast, responsive and fuel efficient due to a slightly higher tube position. The XL-sized engine shaft widens the variety of compatible engines. Also E6.7 introduces a bunch of new options that may become a standard soon. First of all, it is the anchoring system that allows you to enjoy your trip even more. Glass console dashboard is designed to accomodate up to two 9′ devices.

EAGLE E6.7, Size 670x255cm, weight 780kg, Max 225HP, Max pers 11, Fuel tank 191L, Hypalon 2 900 EUR
Tootekood: E1670 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
25900,00 €
BRIG FALCON Rider seeria RIB paadid on saadaval standardse avatud kokpitiga, SPORT konsooliga e. Jockey konsooliga ning lisaks ka mudel LUXURY, millel ahtris lai iste seljatoega. Tegemist lihtsa paadiga, mis on koostatud kvaliteetselt ning millel on head sõiduomadused ka kehvema ilmaga.

FALCON F500L/S, Size 500x215cm, weight 233 /225kg, Max 75HP, Max pers 6, Fuel tank 43L extra equipment on S-model , Hypalon 2 000 EUR
Tootekood: F1834LS ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
8300,00 €
FALCON 480 is a reliable partner for your journeys whether you go fishing or just cruising around. You can bring up to nine people on board. The FALCON 480 is 4.8 m in length, which makes it the perfect size to cruise around without mooring limitations.

FALCON F480T, Size 490x215cm, weight 240kg, Max 75HP, Max pers 6, Fuel tank 33L as extra equipment, Hypalon 2 000 EUR
Tootekood: F1838T ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
7900,00 €