XMD-MCB-40; Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 40 Amp
XMD-MCB-40; Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 40 Amp
Tootekood: 90945JL
Kaubamärk: JL Audio
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 40 Amp
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M3-770X-C-Gw 7.7-inch (196 mm) Marine Coaxial Speakers, Gloss White Classic Grilles 70W RMS;Because you expect great performance and top quality when you choose JL Audio for your marine audio system, our affordable MX speakers are designed with the same “DNA” as our flagship models and use the same marine grade materials to ensure outstanding longevity in real-world boating use. Most importantly, our fanatical approach to sound quality is in full effect, this time optimized for moderate power systems. M3 speaker systems are available in a wide range of color and grille style combinations. Select models are available with RGB (multi-color) cone illumination, so you can add some visual highlights to your boat to go along with the great audio performance. Production of all M3 speakers takes place in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory, using global components and materials.
Tootekood: 93519JL ,   Laoseis: Laos
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These great-sounding 6-1/2” speakers combine innovative design with rugged, marine-ready componentry to give you outstanding audio performance. They’ll really cut through wind, water, and engine noise. And, with built-in LED lighting, these speakers look as great as they sound. The 3/4″ treated-silk dome tweeters render brilliant highs, and true 2-way crossovers ensure that the woofer and tweeter work in perfect concert. You’ll hear all the details of your music, even when the throttle is forward and you’re skimming over the waves. You don’t have to worry about mounting the crossovers, either, because they’re attached to the speaker frames.
Tootekood: 93726JL ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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MX500/4 4 Ch. Class D Full-Range Amplifier, 500 W;ETXv3 is the ultimate tower speaker system, delivering superb sound quality, with strong projected output. Each enclosure is precision-molded with our proprietary marine-grade polymer for outstanding durability in real marine conditions. Available in white or black with 7.7-inch (M3 or M6) speakers or with 8.8-inch M6 speakers. RGB speaker lighting is optional. Mounting fixtures are sold separately and available to fit a wide range of pipe diameters and boat specific applications.
Tootekood: 98408JL ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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Enclosed Subwoofer System with M6-10W Subwoofer (250 W, 4 Ω) - Matte White Enclosure, Gloss White Trim Ring, Gloss White Classic Grille. This subwoofer system is ready to install in your boat and features rock-solid, all-fiberglass enclosure construction with a beautiful, matte-white gel-coat finish. The sealed enclosure is precisely tuned to deliver outstanding quality sub-bass response in an open-air boat installation. Loaded inside, is our maximum-performance M6-10W 10 in. Subwoofer. This system is best used with amplifier power in the 75-250 W range. The enclosure is not drilled for speaker cable. This allows the installer to ѕelect the best surface to exit the cable from, based on the specific installation. Like all JL Audio marine speakers, this system is built to withstand a real saltwater marine environment and deliver years of listening enjoyment. Production of all M6 loudspeakers takes place in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory, using global components and materials. Sold individually.
Tootekood: 90010JL ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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Water-Resistant Master MAXI® Fuse Block for 4 AWG to 8 AWG Power Wire, use underhood or for amplifier fusing.
Tootekood: 90469JL ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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