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BOMBARD Explorer 500 Jockey/Mercury F60 ELPT EFI
Produkta kods : Z54335L
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Cenā ietilpst:

- Bombard Explorer 500 (melns, PVC)
- Jockey konsole
- 2 sēdvietas aizmugurē
- A tipa rāmis
- Hidrauliskais stūres komplekts LS 80 PRO 10m; 3,5 pagriezieni, līdz 80 ZS
- Stūre (ādas imitācija, diametrs 320mm, alumīnijs)
- Dzinējs (Mercury F60 ELPT EFI)

Dīlera sagatavošanas darbi (Elektriskā sistēma, akumulators, degviela
filtrs, instalācijas un reģistrācijas darbi)

17900,00 €
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Motora kājas garums 20´´
​CE sertifikācija C
Pasažieru skaits 10
Svars (kg) 240
Kravnesība (kg) 1085
Korpusa materiāls Stikla šķiedra/PVC
Platums 2,08
Maksimālā jauda 53/70
Motora tips Piekarināms
Garums (m) 5,01
Ūdensizturīgu nodalījumu skaits 5
Iegrime 0,3
Korpusa malu diametrs 0,5
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Pioner 8 Mini ir ļoti kompakta un viegla. Pioner 8 Mini ir labs ātrums ar nelielu motoru, un to ir viegli airēt. Sēdekļi garumā nodrošina ērtas sēdvietas un vilkšanas laikā airus var nostiprināt ar siksnām.

Produkta kods : PIONER8 ,   Daudzums: Nav pieejams
1640,40 €

The Pioner 17 Flexi has been constructed for the active boater, with several opportunities of accessories.
The Pioner 17 flexi is a robust and incredibly seaworthy all-round boat with an agile design. The Pioner 17 Flexi is a boat made to be used, and is ideal to have at a cabin. In addition, it can be used for many other purposes, such as diving and water sports. The Flexi has extensive floor space and folding chairs can be mounted at a later date as needed.The boat has automatic self-scudding.

PIONER 17 Flexi Limited Edition, w/hyd. s. includes: Windscreen rail, A-frame w/lantern lights, Backsupport w/cushion, Cushion for bow, Safety ladder, telescopic, Cushions for flip seats, set of 2 pc., Flip seats front

Produkta kods : 4517849 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
16107,60 €

Pilna komplekta cena ir 2750 € un tajā ietilpst:

- Laiva ar takelāžu un galveno sistēmu
- Centrālais dēlis & stūre (ar somu)
- Ratiņi
- Laivas apakšējais un augšējais pārklājs
- Takelāžas soma
- JJ buras (pēc sportista svara)
- Buras nr.

Produkta kods : 300110L ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
2749,50 €

OUR NEW MULTIPURPOSE BOAT OFFERS MANY ADVANTAGES. Over 60 years experience of manufacturing polyethylene boats have gone into our new Pioner 16 Explorer. It’s modern design features several fantastic solutions. You are spoilt for choice of configurations, e.g. a broad console, one or two narrow consoles with hydraulic control, various seating arrangements and other practical equipment options. The boat planes easily, is very seaworthy and self-draining. It is certified for up to a 60hp engine and offers good speed potential. It is the perfect Made in Norway cabin, family, versatile and workhorse boat available on the market. Narrow console w/hydraulic steerin; Windscreen for narrow console; Windscreen rail for narrow console; Handrails front; Backsupport with cushion; Extra seatbox, narrow; Safety ladder, telescopic

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11854,80 €

The first complete range with 100% electric engines after the eJET launched in 2017, these new models are real technological feats and mark a new era for Torqeedo and Zodiac. The eOPEN range in a nutshell: Ideal for exploring sensitive or difficult-to-access areas. Easy to use and highly manoeuvrable. Autonomy of about one hour at maximum power. No noise or fumesto disturb peaceful enjoyment. Very little maintenance or upkeep. Long-term savings. Unique, ecologically responsible experience. Factory fitted electrical installation in the console and bench. STANDRAND EQUIPMENT: Fairleads x2; Bow roller with cleat; Bow cushion; Tube with 6 anti-slip patches; Tilting console; Handrail; Windscreen; Storage; Console´s side seat+cushion; 2-seat bench; Under seat storage; Double hand line; Fish tsil cones; Black and blue PVC rubstrake; Tilting backrest; Battery cables underneath deck. ENGINE PACKAGE: Torqeedo engine Cruise X Zodiac; Control display; Charger; Control box; Battery 48-5000. OPTIONS: Bimini; Side Boarding Ladder; White Lights; Grey/Black EVA Deck; Storage Mesh; Cover; Lifting Points Kit; Fast charger. Z14780TQ ZODIAC eOPEN 3.4 NEO L.GR/L.GR Hind alates: 31560€. Z14778TQ ZODIAC eOPEN 3.4 NEO D/D.GR Hind alates: 32160€. Z14779TQ ZODIAC eOPEN 3.4 Strongan D/D.GR Hind alates: 31200€.

Produkta kods : EOPEN3.4 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
30600,00 €