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Shower drain Kit 500GPH 24V
Produkta kods : R-97A-24
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Produkta kods : 37045-1092 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
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PowerPlant is the most technologically advanced car audio we’ve ever made. You’ve never heard anything quite like this…..

With speaker cones forged from CURV, a material only found in exclusive audiophile hi-fi products, we’ve produced a speaker range with industry-leading accuracy and efficient sound reproduction.

With hi-tech butyl rubber surrounds and magnets formed from a high-grade magnetic material, superior sound is always guaranteed. PowerPlant Full Range Speakers also have an external crossover for more precise sound, adjustable by 12dB.

  • External crossover
  • Comes complete with two grille options (custom and mesh)
Produkta kods : PP-FR6520 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
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Produkta kods : R-RM1500 ,   Daudzums: Noliktavā
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Produkta kods : SG-FL65SPC ,   Daudzums: Noliktavā
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