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Apollo 670, 3 Zone, DSP, Retail, MS-RA670
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Darba spriegums​ 12V
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CURV Cone Technology - Incorporating CURV woven fiber composite, which is heat pressed, to form a lighter and stronger cone that delivers greater sound definition and higher output, for greater resistance to the marine environment.

Fully Sealed Crossover Components – Providing full protection from the harsh marine environment, whilst delivering improved frequency response at the crossover point for a detailed spectrum of audio and new level of acoustic performance.

Sports Styled Grille – A structurally ridged True-Marine™ design for the ultimate cone protection, that delivers great looks to complement any vessel. Engineered for internal or external installation. 

Silk Dome Tweeter - Creating a smooth upper frequency response and increased efficiency, which delivers crisp sound for unrivalled enjoyment.

Dual-Color diffused LED Lighting option* - Select either a Striking Blue or Sparkling White LED illumination for your speaker cone to add instant appeal that will energize your boating experience.

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FUSION´s Full Range Marine Speakers are designed and engineered specifically for the marine environment. FUSION´s marine speakers include design innovations and materials that not only produce great sound, but also ensure a sustained high performance level during prolonged exposure to the marine elements.

Product Specifications

Efficiency (1W/1M) 90dB
Frequency Response 70 – 22kHz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Peak Power (Watts) 200

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