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Produkta kods : Z54401L
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- Bombard Explorer 420 (melns PVC)
- Jockey konsole
- Dzinējs (Mercury F50 ELPT EFI)

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13900,00 €
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Motora kājas garums 20´´
​CE sertifikācija C
Pasažieru skaits 7
Svars (kg) 165
Kravnesība (kg) 780
Korpusa materiāls Stikla šķiedra/PVC
Platums 1,9
Maksimālā jauda 36/50
Motora tips Piekarināms
Garums (m) 4,2
Ūdensizturīgu nodalījumu skaits 3
Iegrime 0,25
Korpusa malu diametrs 0,455
Līdzīgās preces

The ultimate weekender! With an innate sense of detail and comfort, the Antares 9 is an invitation to spend more time at sea. Modern and stylish, she preserves the traditional elegance of a established range. Autonomy, habitability, panache – she has everything to make short cruising a great experience.

With her Airstep® hull, the Antares 9 cuts gently through the waves offering a comfortable ride and safe navigation. With U-shaped seats that convert to sunbathing areas, her attractive spacious cockpit (1.53 x 2.40 m) is a great place to relax with friends. With up to 2 x 200 hp power, the Antares 9 has the latest technological developments in terms of outboard engines.

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99158,40 €


Cieta kā klints - EXPLORER izvēle ir apņēmīga rīcība! EXPLORER daudzpusība ir neierobežota: niršana, makšķerēšana, zemūdens medības, jūras slēpošana ... skaists laiks vai brīze jūrā? Neuztraucieties ar EXPLORER vienmēr būsiet drošībā. EXPLORER klāstā ir pieejami 5 modeļi un tiem ir visas funkcijas, kuras nepieciešamas, lai izveidotu Jums piemērotu komplektu: dziļš V-veida korpuss un pielāgots izkārtojums. PRODUKTA “+” - pielāgots piedāvājums noformēšanai un modulēšanai atkarībā no vajadzībām, caurules izvēle: Strongan ™ Duotex ™ vai Hypalon ™ NEOprene ™ ar 2 krāsu variantiem: melns vai gaiši pelēks. Perfekta stabilitāte un izturība ar pastiprinātu V-veida korpusu, pastiprinātu audumu un pretformēts priekšgala uzglabāšanas nodalījums.


SOLID AS A ROCK - To choose an EXPLORER is a committed action! To share passions, with friends, even many of them (16 maximum!), that is a nice programme.The versatility of the EXPLORER is limitless: diving, fishing, underwater hunting, nautic skiing ... beautiful weather, breeze or heavy seas? No worries; the EXPLORER will be always present and safe.The range consists of 5 models and has all the features requested to make a successful range: a deep v hull, a “lively” behaviour allowing it to go everywhere, a customized layout, and now the choice of the type of tube. THE “+” of the PRODUCT - A customized offer, to design and modulate depending on the needs, the choice of the tube: Strongan™ Duotex™ or Hypalon™ NEOprene™, 2 colour choices: black or light grey, a perfect stability through a reinforced V hull, a foolproof strength thanks to a reinforced fabric, a countermoulded bow storage compartment.

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4950,00 €

Few things bring you as close to nature as a trip by rowing boat. If you are fishing with a net you will appreciate a steady boat. A low centre of gravity and unique bottom construction makes this a safe boat suitable for the smallest 4-stroke engines.

The Pioner 12 can take up to four people, and dry storage space is provided under the middle thwart. The boat can be delivered with transport wheels, which are attached to the stern. This makes the boat easy to handle on land.

PIONER 12 Maxi Limited Edition includes: Steeing console high, w/cable, space for 5´ plotter, Handrails front, Handrails back, A-frame w/center lantern light, Cushions, set of 3 pc., Safety ladder,

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4728,36 €

The Pioner 15 is one of Norway’s best-selling country boats. This is not surprising considering its versatility.

Go fishing or island hopping; your family, friends, pets and luggage will all be transported safely. The Pioner 15 is a robust boat that you can always rely on. This spacious 15 footer has ample room for six people, and is stable and extremely seaworthy. Two lockable storage areas help to keep order on board. The boat can withstand rough conditions, has a simple design and a maximum speed of 25 knots. Equipment: console, railings, set of cushions, windshield, windshield frame, etc.

PIONER 15 Allround Special Edition includes: Black console w/cable, Windscreen, Handrails rear, Backsupport w/cushion, Safety ladder,

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6999,72 €

The Pioner 17 Flexi has been constructed for the active boater, with several opportunities of accessories.
The Pioner 17 flexi is a robust and incredibly seaworthy all-round boat with an agile design. The Pioner 17 Flexi is a boat made to be used, and is ideal to have at a cabin. In addition, it can be used for many other purposes, such as diving and water sports. The Flexi has extensive floor space and folding chairs can be mounted at a later date as needed.The boat has automatic self-scudding.

PIONER 17 Flexi Limited Edition, w/hyd. s. includes: Windscreen rail, A-frame w/lantern lights, Backsupport w/cushion, Cushion for bow, Safety ladder, telescopic, Cushions for flip seats, set of 2 pc., Flip seats front

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14089,92 €