Cadet 200 RU white/grey

900,00 €

Its superiority is due to the use of higher quality materials and the tubes assembly welding, which ensure optimal resistance and durability. In itsrich and high quality equipment, you will find some of the Zodiac Nautic patented unitssuch asthe rowlock with itsthree-dimensional adjustment or the dump with inner control, more comfortable and safe to use. Available in 3floor options(depending on the size), to be selected depending on the available storage capacityon your unit.

Produkta kods
Nav noliktavā
Pasažieru skaits 2
Svars (kg) 20
Kravnesība (kg) 210
Platums 1,34
Maksimālā jauda 2.2/3
Max koormus (kg) 210
Garums (m) 2
Korpusa malu diametrs 0,36