M300C Stabilized Visible IP Camera with Pan, Tilt and 30X; Optical Zoom

7794,00 €

With Pan, Tilt and 30X; Optical Zoom. Combining a high-performance visible marine camera with long-range optical zoom capability, the M300C offers positive target identification for law enforcement, commercial, and recreational applications. Advanced gyro-stabilization provides steady imaging in rough sea conditions and allows the M300C to monitor targets or hazards over long distances continuously. Exceptional low light performance from the M300C gives captains enhanced awareness once the sun dips below the horizon. Contents 1. Camera head 2. Top Down Riser 3. 3 x 3 meter cable set; Power/ Serial/ Composite Video Cable, Raynet to Raynet Ethernet cable, Coax HD-SDI Cable 4. Raynet to RJ45 adaptor 5. Camera install hardware

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