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M600/6-24V 6 Ch. Class D Full-Range Marine Amplifier, 600W
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M600/6-24V 6 Ch. Class D Full-Range Marine Amplifier, 600W; M Series marine amplifiers feature hyper-efficient NexDTM Class D technology to deliver audiophile-grade performance and outstanding efficiency from within an incredibly compact package. Advanced thermal management systems and a full complement of studio-grade signal processing features are standard, and an HD-RLC can be added to all models for remote level control. Available in a wide range of configurations to suit any system design.

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Technology moves quickly and it can seem like manufacturers are forever shifting the goalposts. FUSION Electronics have come to the rescue with the innovative Marine UNI-Dock™ (MS-UNIDOCK).

The revolutionary UNI-Dock™ supports the widest array of smart phones, media players and USB devices on the market.  Compatible with FUSION’s innovative MS-AV650, MS-AV750, MS-RA70, MS-RA70N, MS-BB100, MS-BB300, MS-AV7000, MS-AV700i, MS-IP700i and MS-RA205, the new UNI-Dock™ allows users to enjoy on-the-water entertainment from an extensive range of Apple and supported MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) enabled Android and Windows smartphones.

Three adaptor cables are included with the UNI-Dock™ (1xUSB - Apple 30Pin, 1xUSB - Apple Lightning, 1xUSB - MicroUSB) for convenient connection to the widest range of supported devices.

Not only is FUSION’s UNI-Dock™ more versatile, it also has the ‘True Marine™’ stamp, meaning it’s designed and tested especially for harsh marine environments, rated IPx5 Water resistant (on the front when correctly bulkhead mounted).

The UNI-Dock™ features a generous tray size to protect and charge a variety of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s, with more products gaining compatibility constantly.

Media Device Size Limits

Maximum Device Size 141mm (5-9/16") Length x 71mm (2-3/4") Width x 13mm (1/2") Height

The future of marine entertainment, FUSION’s UNI-Dock™ gives users unparalleled flexibility in mobile entertainment integration.

Protected by a three-year True-Marine™ warranty, FUSION Electronics’ UNI-Dock™ is the smart choice on-board.

Note: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus will not dock inside the UNI-Dock, please use your Apple sync cable or the Bluetooth streaming option.

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Esitleme maailma esimest veespordi jaoks ehitatud stereosüsteemi- FUSION STEREOACTIVE™

See on FUSIONI poolt Uus-Meremaal ehitatud ja disainitud IPx7 veekindlus-standardiga, kaasaskantav Bluetooth kõlariga varustatud stereosüsteem, mis ujub.

Sellel on unikaalne FUSION PUCK paigaldussüsteem, mis võimaldab paigaldada stereosüsteem kindlalt ükskõik millise paadi, kajaki, kanuu või isegi mullivanni külge.

Võta vee peale kaasa oma muusikakataloog ja striimimise teenused:

Bluetooth audio striimimime igalt A2DP bluetoothiga ühendatud seadmelt

AM/FM raadio tüüner kahe lemmikjaama salvestamise võimalusega

Hoia end kursis ilmaga Weatherband raadio abil- Saadaval ainult Põhja-Ameerikas

Kuula oma MP3 meediafaile madala profiiliga USB mälupulgalt samal ajal kui oled vee peal. STEREOACTIVE seadme USB-sisend on disainitud veekindla ja turvalise ühenduse loomiseks

12 unikaalset hääljuhist (saadaval 6 eri keeles) võimaldavad tagasisidet ja kontrolli oma meelelahutuskogemuse üle.

Muusika kvaliteet on sama tähtis kui seadme vastupidavus, seetõttu on FUSIONi eksperdid töötanud väsimatult D-klassi võimendi ja kahe 2,5´´-se 40 W võimsusega kõlari detailide kallal, et saavutada kõrge kvaliteediga muusika taasesitus.

Juhi oma meelelahutuskeskust nutitelefoni ja nutikella jaoks mõeldud FUSION-Link Bluetooth äppiga, mis on saadaval Apple või Androidi nutitelefoni kasutajatele ning Garmini nutikella omanikele.

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M7-12IB-C-GwGw-4 12-inch (300 mm) Marine Subwoofer Driver, Gloss White Trim Ring, Gloss White Classic Grille, 600W RMS; When JL Audio puts the number "7" in a speaker´s model series, you can be sure it is something very special. M7´s are extreme subwoofers, with oversized, overbuilt components and very powerful motor systems. They are optimized for high-power, infinite baffle operation and require special attention to the mounting surface to perform at their peak. M7 is available with (or without) our patented Transflective™ RGB lighting technology, in Sport or Classic grille styles, and in white or gunmetal/titanium finishes.

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M6-650X-S--GmGm-i 6.5-inch (165 mm) Marine Coaxial Speakers, Gunmetal Sport Grilles with RGB LED Lighting 75W RMS; M6 Loudspeakers fulfill JL Audio’s commitment to raise the bar with each product generation. The engineering team has completely reinvented the premium marine loudspeaker, with major improvements in performance, precision and durability. Offered in multiple sizes and cosmetic options, most models are also available with a brilliant, new lighting technology. Two grille designs are available: “Classic”, with an all-white slat grille design and “Sport”, which features a split-spoke grille design and is available in two color schemes: Gloss White, or a beautiful, Gunmetal/Titanium dual metallic finish. Production of all M6 loudspeakers takes place in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory, using global components and materials.

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MM50 Weatherproof Source Unit with Full-Color LCD Display - 25 Watts x 4; Achieving amazing sound on the water has never been easier, thanks to our family of MediaMaster® source units. Specifically engineered for marine and powersports applications, each model is outfitted with a variety of tuner and connectivity options, plus multi-zone level controls, for maximum listening flexibility and convenience. Every MediaMaster® is NMEA 2000® Certified for direct integration with vessel networks, allowing control functionality from a variety of Marine Multi-Function Displays* (MFD). Both MM100s-BE and MM50 models feature weatherproof construction (IP66 rated) with oversized controls and customizable, full-color LCD displays. The MM80-HR Hidden Receiver is controlled by your compatible MFD or the MMR-40 Network Controller, while remaining tucked away within your vessel. If top-quality audio is your priority, a MediaMaster® belongs on your boat.

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