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Motorguide Xi5-105FW Trolling Motor 72´´ 36V FP Snr GPS
Produkta kods : MOT-940800360
Daudzums: Nav noliktavā

Pinpoint GPS: Pinpoint offers industry-leading GPS navigation options, like 3x more precise Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock, and Cruise Control; Tough Composite Shaft: bend, but don´t break. Built to withstand a beating from submerged rocks and stumps without giving in. Backed by a lifetime warranty; Wireless Control: control from anywhere on the boat. Ready for use right out of the box with included wireless foot pedal and intuitive handheld remote control; Chartplotter Integration: add complete control by connecting your compatible Lowrance, Simrad, or Mercury VesselView dashboard display through NMEA 2000 and a Pinpoint GPS Gateway Cable; Additional Features: Fully protected electronics with sealed corrosion protection; Digital Power Management for up to 5x longer battery life; Monitor motor functions with built-in LED dashboard; Available built-in 83/200 kHz 2D sonar

3478,80 €
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Motora kājas garums 72
​CE sertifikācija No
Juhtimine Juhtmevaba juhtimine
Darba spriegums​ 36
Tõukejõud (kg) 47,62
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1318,80 €
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3478,80 €
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