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Nemesis Hub
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B&G Nemesis™ Hub allows straightforward connection of multiple Nemesis™ displays in larger systems.

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Every NSO evo3S display features the new iMX 8 integrated six-core processor delivering category leading response times for incredibly smooth screen transitions. With up to twice the CPU performance, you have instant access to the information you need, as you need it, no matter the conditions. Create your own custom helm layouts to suit any activity, and switch seamlessly between layouts in an instant. Low-profile glass helm styling conceals and protects NSO evo3’s powerful core, and complements any helm design from ultra-modern to timeless classic.

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System Pack
The NSO evo3S System Pack contains everything you need to begin your glass helm system, including an OP50 Remote Controller. The OP50 provides keypad control of up to six separate displays, perfect for a multi-display helm layout. Built-in wireless connectivity links NSO evo3S to your existing mobile devices for remote viewing and control, and delivers easy online software upgrades via any wireless internet hotspot. Wired Ethernet, NMEA 2000®, and J1939 networking provide almost limitless integration options, from vessel-wide display systems to radar, sonar, engine integration, and much more.

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