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NSS evo2 & ZEUS² 12 Edge Bezels (Pair)
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FU80 Follow UP remote unit with display, 6m factory mounted drop cable, T-connector, front bezel, installation and user manual, gasket for panel mounting, mounting screws, loose steering lever. Take command and Mode buttons. Provides course change in Auto mode.

Produkta kods : 000-10183-001 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
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VHF masta vads 30 m (98 ft) 1720 antenai

Produkta kods : AA000401 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
79,20 €
Produkta kods : 000-11772-001 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
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Kõrge jõudlusega S5100 CHIRP sonari moodul pakub kolm sõltumatut sonari kanalit kõrgresolutsiooniga katvuse saamiseks. CHIRP sonari moodul on müra vaba igal sügavusel. Ühildub lainurk CHIRP anduritega parema katvuse saamiseks veesambas. Maksimaalne sügavus on 3000 meetrit. Ühildub Simrad NSS evo3 ja NSS evo2 multifunktsionaalsete ekraanidega, NSO evo2 süsteemi ja S2000 seeria kalaleidjatega.

Produkta kods : 000-13260-001 ,   Daudzums: Noliktavā
1852,76 €

The AP48 Autopilot Controller is a premium dedicated control head for Continuum autopilot systems, enhanced with modern glass helm styling. Engineered for responsiveness and ease of use in all conditions, the AP48 pairs a large aluminium rotary control dial with dedicated ‘dodge keys’ to adjust heading port or starboard in one- or ten-degree increments. With an optically bonded 4.1-inch display and its intuitive controls, the AP48 also provide full access to advanced Continuum steering features including automated turn patterns, No Drift steering, depth contour tracking, and more.

Key Features

  • Intuitive autopilot interface with extended keypad
  • Large, heavy-duty rotary control dial for precision steering
  • Continuum steering technology
  • Optically bonded 4.1-inch colour display
  • Ultra wide 170-degree viewing angle
  • Dedicated one-degree and ten-degree port/starboard dodge keys
  • Automated turn patterns for fuel-efficient, hands-free manoeuvres
  • No Drift steering holds your course against wind and tide
  • Depth contour tracking makes it easy to fish ledges and drop-offs
  • Easy setup with auto tuning and calibration
  • Low-profile glass helm design
  • Certified NMEA 2000® connectivity
Produkta kods : 000-13894-001 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
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