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PIONER 12 Maxi Limited Edition
Produkta kods : 4512849
Zīmols: Pioner
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Few things bring you as close to nature as a trip by rowing boat. If you are fishing with a net you will appreciate a steady boat. A low centre of gravity and unique bottom construction makes this a safe boat suitable for the smallest 4-stroke engines.

The Pioner 12 can take up to four people, and dry storage space is provided under the middle thwart. The boat can be delivered with transport wheels, which are attached to the stern. This makes the boat easy to handle on land.

PIONER 12 Maxi Limited Edition includes: Steeing console high, w/cable, space for 5´ plotter, Handrails front, Handrails back, A-frame w/center lantern light, Cushions, set of 3 pc., Safety ladder,

6028,80 €
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Motora kājas garums L
Pasažieru skaits 4 (CE kategooria C/D DNV-GL sertifikaat)
Svars (kg) 160
Platums 165
Maksimālā jauda 11.2 / 15
Garums (m) 381
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