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PIONER 16 Explorer AE "Wide"
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Zīmols: Pioner
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OUR NEW MULTIPURPOSE BOAT OFFERS MANY ADVANTAGES. Over 60 years experience of manufacturing polyethylene boats have gone into our new Pioner 16 Explorer. It’s modern design features several fantastic solutions. You are spoilt for choice of configurations, e.g. a broad console, one or two narrow consoles with hydraulic control, various seating arrangements and other practical equipment options. The boat planes easily, is very seaworthy and self-draining. It is certified for up to a 60hp engine and offers good speed potential. It is the perfect Made in Norway cabin, family, versatile and workhorse boat available on the market. Wide console with hydraulic steering; Windscreen for wide console; Windscreen rail for wide console; Handrails front; Backsupport with cushion; Cushions front and stern, set of 2 pcs; Extra seatbox, wide, AE Wide; Cushion for extra seatbox wide; Safety ladder; telescopic

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Motora kājas garums L
Pasažieru skaits 6
Svars (kg) 393
Platums 210
Maksimālā jauda 44.7 / 60
Garums (m) 507
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