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Produkta kods : SDI01-I
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SDI01 is a high-resolution digital inclinometer for pitch and roll with manual calibration. The module was designed so that configuration and calibration of the inclinometer is quick and user friendly. Variety of settings available for user to configure.

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Extension adaptor included

Produkta kods : DC02 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
16,20 €

Aluminum Light Switch with two buttons and integrated dimmers

Produkta kods : N-LS-2S ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
122,64 €

Inputs: 4x Current 25A, 1x Relay Output 1A; SIMARINE’s SCQ25 and SCQ50 digital shunts are unique modules on the market, designed to monitor individual currents of consumer and generator devices. Suitable for wiring both in low (-) or high (+) side, making it easy to install. Possibility of merging two channels together, presenting the two merged channels as a single device while doubling the maximum continuous current.

Produkta kods : S003 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
135,12 €

Inputs: 1x Current 300A, 2x Voltage 0-75V, 3x Resistive 0-65kOhm (Tanks or Temperatures); Simarine´s high precision SC303 active digital shunts measure voltage, current and temperature of a battery or battery bank. Additionally, it allows monitoring tanks for fuel, fresh and gray water. Suitable for monitoring: current draw of heavy consumers (inverters, bow and stern thrusters, anchor winches) current generators (shore power chargers and solar panels). Additionally, it has additional inputs to monitor fuel, fresh, grey and black water tank levels.

Produkta kods : SC303 ,   Daudzums: Noliktavā
113,88 €
Produkta kods : TS02 ,   Daudzums: Nav noliktavā
16,20 €