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WatchMate Vision2 smartAIS Touchscreen Transponder with WiFi and NMEA 2000 Gateway
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Powered by smartAIS technology, Vision2 has safety features that can save lives. Get proactive alerts when you have potential collision situations, if your anchor drags or if there´s a man overboard situation. With its intuitive and easy to use touchscreen, scroll through the menu, zoom in and out, see vessel details and navigation data, change alarm settings and more with the most gentle of touches. Remote control your transponder from anywhere on board with your smartphone, tаblet or smartwatch using highispeed WiFi. The Vision2 enables up to eight devices connected simultaneously for greater flexibility. The Vision2 has a stylish black bezel front panel with glossy black side panels, designed to complement every helm or Nav station. Operating Temperature: -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F); Coastal outlines: World-wide included; Nr of receivers: 2 AIS, 1 DSC (timeshared); Receive sensitivity: -113 dBm (<20% PER); Number of transmitters: 1 AIS; Transmit power output: 33 dBm (2W); GPS: 50 channel with internal antenna. Supports WAAS and EGNOS. Optional external antenna is required if Vision2 is mounted without a clear view of the sky; GPS navigation rate: 50 channel with internal antenna. Supports WAAS and EGNOS. Optional external antenna is required if Vision2 is mounted without a clear view of the sky; GPS sensitivity: tracking & navigation, -142dBm acquisition (cold start); GPS accuracy: Position 2.5m CEP, SBAS 2.0m CEP; VHF antenna required: 50 ohm, 156-162MHz, max 2:1 VSWR, PL-259 connector; Serial data: 1 fully isolated USB port (mini), 1 isolated NMEA 0183 input (RS422 4800/38400 baud) 1 NMEA 0183 output (RS422 4800/38400 baud); Connectivity: NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, USB, Wireless 802.11 b/g/n, All input NMEA 0183 sentences are repeated to the NMEA 0183 output, USB and WiFi. Ѕelected NMEA 2000 PGN´s (heading, wind, depth, speed, temperature, and log) are translated to NMEA 0183 sentences and repeated to the NMEA 0183 output, USB and WiFi. This allows a wide varie

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Darba spriegums​ 10-32 VDC, 6W nominal
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  • Display - 3.5-inch Colour TFT LCD | 320 x 240 | Backlighting
  • IMO compliant class-A AIS system
  • GPS Antenna Type - TNC Female
  • 50 GPS Receiver Channels
  • Waterproof Rating - IPX2
  • Dimensions  - 205 mm (8.07 in) x 85 mm (3.35 in) x 173 mm (6.81 in) without connectors | W x H x D
  • Weight - 1.16 kg (2.56 lb)
  • Power Consumption - < 9 W average @ 12 VDC, < 65 W peak power @ 12 VDC
  • Power Supply (Supply Voltage) - 12 / 24 V DC
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NAIS-500 + NSPL500 kompl.. Ietver GPS500 antenu un mikro-C kabeli 1,8 m (6 pēdām) un T savienotāju.

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H1 Handset Bulkhead Connector includes a mounting base, cover, waterproof cap and power cable. Connect the bulkhead connector to 12V or 24V DC.

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This antenna is designed for the WatchMate Vision AIS Transponder. It may also be used as a replacement antenna for an XB-8000 or XB-6000 AIS Transponder. It combines a high performance GPS antenna and a low noise amplifier into a state-of-the-art compact and fully waterproof enclosure. This innovative antenna design has two mounting options; Pole Mount or Base Mount. As well as being easy to mount it comes with a 10m (32.8 feet) cable that has a small diameter connector making it easier to route the cable through smaller holes. Fully weather proof; Ultra-high sensitivity; Compact construction; Excellent temperature stability; Small connector at one end of the cable to facilitate installation; Two mounting configurations (pole or base); Compatibility: For use only with a WatchMate Vision or as a replacement antenna for an XB-8000 or XB-6000; Construction: Compact waterproof (IPx7) housing; Dimensions: 90mm (3 1/2") diameter x 118mm (4 2/3") high when used with base mount (as shown in the photo at the top of this page); Mounting: Pole (standard 1" threaded mast) and Base included; Cable: 10 metre (32.8 ft) RG58 with SMA that connects directly to WatchMate Vision.

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