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ZODIAC eOPEN 3.1 Strongan L.GR / L.GR
Produkta kods : EOPEN3.1
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The first complete range with 100% electric engines after the eJET launched in 2017, these new models are real technological feats and mark a new era for Torqeedo and Zodiac. The eOPEN range in a nutshell: Ideal for exploring sensitive or difficult-to-access areas. Easy to use and highly manoeuvrable. Autonomy of about one hour at maximum power. No noise or fumesto disturb peaceful enjoyment. Very little maintenance or upkeep. Long-term savings. Unique, ecologically responsible experience. Factory fitted electrical installation in the console and bench. STANDRAND EQUIPMENT: Fairleads x2; Bow roller with cleat; Bow cushion; Tube with 6 anti-slip patches; Tilting console; Handrail; Windscreen; Storage; Console´s side seat+cushion; 2-seat bench; Under seat storage; Double hand line; Fish tsil cones; Black and blue PVC rubstrake; Tilting backrest; Battery cables underneath deck. ENGINE PACKAGE: Torqeedo engine Cruise X Zodiac; Control display; Charger; Control box; Battery 48-5000. OPTIONS: Bimini; Side Boarding Ladder; White Lights; Grey/Black EVA Deck; Storage Mesh; Cover; Lifting Points Kit; Fast charger. Z14776TQ ZODIAC eOPEN 3.1 NEO L.GR/L.GR Hind alates: 29040€. Z14774TQ ZODIAC eOPEN 3.1 NEO D/D.GR Hind alates: 29640€. Z14775TQ ZODIAC eOPEN 3.1 Strongan D/D.GR Hind alates: 28800€

28200,00 €
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Pasažieru skaits 4
Svars (kg) 208
Kravnesība (kg) 300
Korpusa garums (m) 2,58
Platums 1,65
Maksimālā jauda 6/12
Garums (m) 3,1
Korpusa malu diametrs 0,45
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