ZODIAC PRO 7 NEO Light Grey/Light Grey hull

31640,40 €

Diving, fishing, underwater hunting, work or pleasure, choose and compose the layout of your boat depending on your program and your preferences: your PRO will perfectly fit! Appreciated by all, the PRO RIB are equipped with a removable tube, which facilitates maintenance. Their “platform” deckoffers many layout possibilities, according to the use. The PRO offers unparalleled customization and layout options: several combinations of colors, hulls, tubes, accessories, tank integration. Equipment: you set the Console and the benches wherever you prefer on the deck choice of the driving position: sitting or standing. A wide offer from 4.20 to 8.50 m. Create yours!

Deep V fiberglass hull;
Moulded in deck light grey or dark grey;
Anchor locker which can be padlocked;
Stern flush deck locker + 1 front locker;
2 High volume bailers;
1 Bow mooring bollard;
2 Stern cleats (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850);
Technical area (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850);
Bilge pump (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850);
1 Bow ring;
2 Towing rings;

TUBE - Removable tube: Strongan™ - DUOTEX™ fabric 2x1100 decitex (Pro 420/500/5.5/6.5);
Hypalon™ - NEOprene™ fabric (Pro 7/750/850; option on Pro 420/500/5.5/6.5);
Fish Tail Cones (Pro 5.5/6.5/7);
Semi-recessed valves Easy Push;
Double grab line;
Anti-slip patches;
Large profile rubstrake;
4 External handles;


Integrated fuel tank + water/fuel separator (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850);
Battery switch (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850);
Bathing ladder;
2 Paddles;
Foot pump & pressure gauge;
Repair kit;
Owners manual.

PRO 7 NEO light grey, dark grey hull (Z14625) Hind alates: 31640,4€
PRO 7 NEO grey, light grey hull (Z14624) Hind alates: 31640,4€
PRO 7 NEO black, light grey hull (Z14622) Hind alates: 31640,4€
PRO 7 NEO red, dark grey hull (Z14623G) Hind alates: 35079,6€
PRO 7 NEO grey, dark grey hull (Z14624G) Hind alates 35079,6€
PRO 7 NEO black, dark grey hull (Z14622G) Hind alates: 35079,6€

Produkta kods
Nav noliktavā
Pasažieru skaits CAT. B (5); CAT. C (16)
Svars (kg) 790
Kravnesība (kg) CAT. B (1160); CAT. C (1960)
Korpusa garums (m) 5,97
Degvielas tvertne (l) 200
Platums 2,54
Maksimālā jauda 186/250
Max koormus (kg) CAT. B (1160); CAT. C (1960)
Garums (m) 6,75
Korpusa malu diametrs 0,57