M364C Stabilised Thermal IP Camera (640 x 512, 9Hz; 24° FoV) and Colour Low Light Camera with Pan, Tilt 30x; optical zoom and thermal electronic zoom

25194,00 €

(640 x 512, 9Hz, 24° FoV) and Colour Low Light Camera with Pan, Tilt 30x optical zoom and thermal electronic zoom. Featuring a high definition low light camera and one of the most advanced FLIR thermal imaging cores, the M364C and M364C-LR provide an elite level of awareness on the water. Both cameras use multispectral imaging to deliver exclusive FLIR Color Thermal Vision™ (CTV) technology. Color Thermal Vision blends visible camera details with a thermal image, overlaying vital color imagery that allows captains to positively identify navigation aids and other vessels within the thermal scene. Outstanding imaging performance, intelligent object recognition technology, and enhanced gyro-stabilization make the M364C and M364-LR indispensable tools for law enforcement professionals, commercial mariners, and serious recreational boaters. M Series Box Contents 1. Camera head 2. Top Down Riser 3. 3 x 3 meter cable set ; Power/Serial/Composite Video Cable, Raynet to Raynet Ethernet cable, Coax HD-SDI Cable 4. Raynet to RJ45 adaptor 5. Camera install hardware

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