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PIONER 11; aerudega
Produkta kods : PIONER11
Zīmols: Pioner
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Motora kājas garums M
Pasažieru skaits 3 (CE kategooria C/D DNV-GL sertifikaat)
Platums 150
Garums (m) 350
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Pioner 17 Flexi ir konstruēts aktīvajam laivotājam ar vairākām piederumu iespējām. 

Pioner 17 Flexi ir izturīga un neticami peldspējīga universāla laiva ar veiklu dizainu. Turklāt to var izmantot daudziem citiem mērķiem, piemēram, niršanai un ūdens sporta veidiem. Flexi ir plaša grīdas platība, un saliekamos krēslus pēc vajadzības var uzstādīt vēlāk.

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Newer generations are having their first boating experiences with the Pioner 10. The traditional hull is adapted to rowing and small engines.

It is lightweight and has carrying handles on both sides, which makes the Pioner 10 easy to carry and pull ashore.

PIONER 10 Classic Limited Edition includes: Steering console low, w/cable, Handrails front, Handrails back, A-frame w/center lantern light, Cushions, set of 3 pc., Safety ladder

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The Pioner 15 is one of Norway’s best-selling country boats. This is not surprising considering its versatility.

Go fishing or island hopping; your family, friends, pets and luggage will all be transported safely. The Pioner 15 is a robust boat that you can always rely on. This spacious 15 footer has ample room for six people, and is stable and extremely seaworthy. Two lockable storage areas help to keep order on board. The boat can withstand rough conditions, has a simple design and a maximum speed of 25 knots. Equipment: console, railings, set of cushions, windshield, windshield frame, etc.

PIONER 15 Allround Special Edition includes: Black console w/cable, Windscreen, Handrails rear, Backsupport w/cushion, Safety ladder,

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The Pioner 14 Active combines classical lines and exceptional driver comfort with modern details and a beautiful finish

Rope cleats have been integrated into the hull of the boat. A practical space on the port side is suitable for long objects, such as a boat hook and fishing rod. On the starboard side there is a space for smaller items, such as mobile telephones and wallets. The boat also has a battery area, space for a fuel tank under the stern thwart, and additional storage space under the middle thwart. The boat has considerable buoyancy and high flooring, and is perfect for today’s 4-stroke engines. A high freeboard allows you to remain dry and comfortable, even in the presence of waves. Pioner 14 Active is a spacious 14 foot boat for four people. Active boaters will gain a considerable amount of pleasure from this boat. PIONER 14 Active Special Edition includes: Black console, w/cable, Windscreen, Windscreen rail, Handrails back, Backsupport w/cushion, Safety ladder

Pioner 14 Active + Fishing deck, fixing plate for elcetric front engine´.

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OUR NEW MULTIPURPOSE BOAT OFFERS MANY ADVANTAGES. Over 60 years experience of manufacturing polyethylene boats have gone into our new Pioner 16 Explorer. It’s modern design features several fantastic solutions. You are spoilt for choice of configurations, e.g. a broad console, one or two narrow consoles with hydraulic control, various seating arrangements and other practical equipment options. The boat planes easily, is very seaworthy and self-draining. It is certified for up to a 60hp engine and offers good speed potential. It is the perfect Made in Norway cabin, family, versatile and workhorse boat available on the market. Wide console with hydraulic steering; Windscreen for wide console; Windscreen rail for wide console; Handrails front; Backsupport with cushion; Cushions front and stern, set of 2 pcs; Extra seatbox, wide, AE Wide; Cushion for extra seatbox wide; Safety ladder; telescopic

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