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PIONER 14 Active Limited Edition
Produkta kods : 4514849
Zīmols: Pioner
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The Pioner 14 Active combines classical lines and exceptional driver comfort with modern details and a beautiful finish

Rope cleats have been integrated into the hull of the boat. A practical space on the port side is suitable for long objects, such as a boat hook and fishing rod. On the starboard side there is a space for smaller items, such as mobile telephones and wallets. The boat also has a battery area, space for a fuel tank under the stern thwart, and additional storage space under the middle thwart. The boat has considerable buoyancy and high flooring, and is perfect for today’s 4-stroke engines. A high freeboard allows you to remain dry and comfortable, even in the presence of waves. Pioner 14 Active is a spacious 14 foot boat for four people. Active boaters will gain a considerable amount of pleasure from this boat. PIONER 14 Active Special Edition includes: Black console, w/cable, Windscreen, Windscreen rail, Handrails back, Backsupport w/cushion, Safety ladder

PIONER 14 Active Limited Edition includes: Black console, w/cable, Windscreen, Windscreen rail, Handrails front, Handrails back, A-frame w/lantern lights, incl. Backsupport, Cushions, set of 3 pc., Safety ladder.

8875,20 €
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Motora kājas garums L
Pasažieru skaits 3/4 (CE kategooria C/D DNV-GL sertifikaat)
Svars (kg) 220
Platums 173
Maksimālā jauda 18.7 / 25
Garums (m) 411
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