20/20HV Mast Bracket - 4 way
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Totalscan Skimmer Andur ühendab endas tõestatud tehnoloogia - CHIRP, DownScan allavaade ja StructureScan HD. Andur toetab 83/200 kHz Broadband radari sagedust, Med ja High CHIRP sagedusi, 455/800 kHz StructureScan sagedust ja veetemperatuuri. Anduril on mitmeid paigaldamise võimalusi.
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The V3100 Class B AIS is designed to meet the needs of light commercial vessels and workboats operating in high-traffic areas. SOTDMA technology and increased transmission power enhance transmission frequency, reliability, and range compared to standard Class B AIS. This ‘black-box’ solution integrates with Simrad displays, and features industry-standard connectivity.
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