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DD15 Direct Drive unit for sailboats 30’-40’ with electromagnetic clutch, lever with tiller pin and RF300 Rudder feedback. 12 V power supply (NAC-3 / H5000 required)
SKU: 21119896 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
2700,00 €
SD10 Mechanical Drive unit for NAC-2 Autopilot computers. The Dive will suit sailboats 25’-37’ with 6’ steering cable with electromagnetic clutch with override function, built in Rudder feedback and 12 V power supply
SKU: 000-13697-001 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
1714,80 €
PUMP-1 Hydraulic Pump – 0.8L reversible hydraulic pump, compatible with SeaStar manual helm pumps up to 14ci
SKU: 000-11770-001 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
790,80 €