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Simrad RS100 Blackbox VHF radio. Includes NRS-1 VHF Blackbox module and one HS100 wired handset and one SP100 speaker. Add up to 4 total wired handsets, 4 speakers and 4 wireless HS40 handsets.
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1128,00 €
Simrad RS100-B Blackbox VHF Radio. Includes NRS-2 VHF Blackbox module with Class B AIS built in, and one HS100 wired handset and one SP100 speaker. Add up to 4 total wired handsets, 4 speakers and 4 wireless HS40 handsets.
SKU: 000-15792-001 ,   Qty: In Stock
1888,80 €
Simrad RS40-B fixed-mount DSC VHF Radio with integrated Class B AIS transmitter and receiver, GPS, and wireless handset support.
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1258,80 €
Simrad HS100 wired handset and speaker for HS100/HS100-B VHF radios
SKU: 000-15647-001 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
447,60 €
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646,80 €
Simrad RS20S Class D DSC VHF Radio: Entry level VHF radio with NMEA2000 connectivity for GPS position, backlight control and night mode grouping with Simrad MFD’s. Compliant with 2018 EU regulations.
SKU: 000-14491-001 ,   Qty: In Stock
400,80 €
NAIS-500 Class B AIS including NSPL500 VHF/AIS Antenna splitter and GPS500 antenna, 1.8 m (6ft) Micro-C cable and T connector. Broadcast your location to anyone nearby with an AIS Receiver. A low cost safety system for recreational vessels and smaller professional vessels in near coastal waters. Reports your position and vessel size and heading to nearby vessels, avoiding dangerous situations.
SKU: 000-13963-001 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
1384,74 €
V5035 Class A AIS System - IMO Compliant AIS system for SOLAS vessels. NMEA2000 Connection for integration with P3007 GPS Systems and with Simrad MFD systems. For an auxillary larger AIS display, use P3007 NAV Display.
SKU: 000-12249-001 ,   Qty: In Stock
2911,20 €
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51,66 €
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65,52 €
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94,50 €
V0535 AIS GPS ANT W 10M kaabel
SKU: 000-12326-001 ,   Qty: In Stock
164,40 €
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45,36 €
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91,98 €
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26,40 €
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15,12 €
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11,34 €
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41,58 €
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238,80 €
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110,88 €
HS40 - Wireless handset for the RS40 and RS100 VHF radios. HS40 duplicates the radios display and controls, enabling remote control access to all key functions.
SKU: 000-14475-001 ,   Qty: In Stock
298,80 €
Simrad RS40-B and GPS-500 KIT: Fixed-mount DSC VHF Radio with integrated AIS transmitter and receiver, wireless handset support. Includes GPS-500 GPS antenna for situations where the internal GPS don´t get reception.
SKU: 000-14818-001 ,   Qty: In Stock
1378,80 €