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B&G V60 Replaces the current V50 mid level VHF, updated to comply with EN 301 025 (v2.2.1)
New front mountable design for easy installation
Low profile design to align with style of B&G MFD’s
Seamless integration with a wider B&G system through NMEA 2000 and 0183
Built in AIS Receiver
Large screen with intuitive user interface
Optional wireless handsеts with inductive charging
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H5000,Race Display: The H5000 Race Display features a clear segmented display for viewing essential data at a glance, with update rates up to 10Hz. A unique bar graph provides an immediate visual reference. It is glass bonded for zero condensation and enhanced contrast.
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B&G HALO 24" Pulse compression dome radar, with industry-first 60 RPM operation. Built in VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, simultaneous short and long-range coverage up to 48 nautical miles from one compact 24-inch dome antenna.
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H5000 Hydra CPU on parima seilamis/võistlemissüsteemi aju. Selle ülikiired ARM protsessorid annavad andmeid koheselt ja brauseri-põhine seadistamine võimaldab lihtsat ja paindlikku seadistamist. Ainulaadsed purjetamisfunktsioonid tagavad, et H5000 jääb laevastiku esiotsa.
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The powerful H5000 CPU with Performance software is designed for larger racing yachts and Superyachts. It offers the ability to run and monitor complex sailing systems with enhanced sensor options and up to 16 user defined functions.

Key Features:
H5000 CPU Hercules , plus:
- Dual Wind support
- GoFree(TM) protocol for 3rd party development
- H-Link communications protocol
- User defined functions
- MOB input and set/drift calculations
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Triton² Digital Display: Multi-purpose sailing instrument and autopilot display with a 4.1-inch colour screen, optically bonded for zero condensation and featuring trans-flective LCD technology for exceptional contrast and visibility in all lighting conditions. 8mm mounting height matches other B&G MFD’s and system component.
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See võimas 5 tolline, otsese päikese käes nähtav, värvilise ekraaniga ja lihtsa kasutajaliidesega seade sisaldab ainulaadseid purjetamisfunktsioone nagu SailSteer ja StartLine. Kõrge resolutsiooniga liimitud klaasile ei teki kondensatsiooni.
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NAIS-500 class B AIS with GPS-500 GPS antenna. Broadcast your location to anyone nearby with an AIS Receiver. A low cost safety system for recreational vessels and smaller professional vessels in near coastal waters. Reports your position and vessel size and heading to nearby vessels, avoiding dangerous situations.
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H5000,Pilot Computer: The record-breaking B&G Pilot features dedicated steering modes and sailing algorithms including Gust Response, Recovery and High Wind Response. It’s been proven in the toughest conditions and most testing environments and is ideal for short-handed cruisers or racers. Note: An H5000 Hydra, Hercules or Performance CPU is required to steer to wind
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The powerful H5000 CPU with Hercules software is geared for race track success featuring expanded data options and enhanced racing features. Its ultra-fast ARM processor delivers accurate data in an instant and the system is straightforward to set up with the new H5000 web-browser interface.
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Võimas H5000 CPU koos HYDRA tarkvaraga tagab võistlustel edu oma andmete valiku ja täiustatud purjetamisfunktsioonidega. Selle ülikiired ARM protsessorid annavad andmeid koheselt ja uus H5000 brauseri-põhine kasutajaliides võimaldab lihtsat ja paindlikku seadistamist.
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HS60 GPS Compass - Provides heading (2° RMS accuracy), pitch, roll, heave and position to the vessel, ideal for recreational boats and smaller professional vessels requiring accurate heading in a small formfactor. Reccomended for Simrad Autopilots.
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10/10HV display pack for H5000 or Triton systems. HVision revolutionised the design of instrument displays, presenting the clearest information through unique display technology. The 10/10HV is joined by the 20/20HV, 30/30HV and 40/40HV to offer a lightweight, high performance data display for every application. 10/10HV display; Providing numbers where they’re needed; Ideal display for focus areas such as pedestals and trimming positions; Fits great below an Analogue display
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20/20HV Display pack for H5000 or Triton systems; HVision revolutionised the design of instrument displays, presenting the clearest information through unique display technology. The 20/20HV is joined by the 10/10HV, 30/30HV and 40/40HV to offer a lightweight, high performance data display for every application. 20/20HV display; Mast and cockpit repeater; Ideal for yachts in the 30ft to 60ft range.
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