6" Super Flush Speaker Pair - White Magnetic Grilles; MS-CL602
Brand: Fusion
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Introducing the MS-CL602 In-Ceiling Speakers. Designed to complement the interior of your vessel, with a discreetly stylized flush mount profile, these are perfect for either in-ceiling or wall mount installation. Featuring a sleek Ice White magnetic grille, the MS-CL602 does not require any additional fasteners or adhesive mounts. Once placed into the cut out area, the built-in mounting tabs will clasp the edges of the cut out, keeping the speaker in place. Sophisticated engineering has resulted in superb sound quality from a shallow mount basket, and with 6-Ohm impedance, the MS-CL602 will integrate with a variety of source units. Featuring a high quality polypropylene cone, the peak power output of 120 watts ensures crisp, clear audio is enjoyed thoroughly by all.
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