M-SWMCPv3-1.900; Pipe Mounting Fixture (Swivel) for ETXv3 models. Clamp has inner-diameter of 1.900"
M-SWMCPv3-1.900; Pipe Mounting Fixture (Swivel) for ETXv3 models. Clamp has inner-diameter of 1.900"
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Brand: JL Audio
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ETXv3 Enclosed Speaker System Swivel Mount Fixture for Pipe Mounting 1.9´/4,82cm ∅
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These massive 8.8” speakers combine innovative design with rugged, marine-ready componentry to give you outstanding audio performance. They’re made to get loud, so you know they’ll really cut through wind, water, and engine noise. And, with built-in RGB LED lighting, they’ll look as awesome as they sound. The 1-1/4″ treated-silk dome tweeters really hit the high notes, while the true 2-way crossovers ensure that the woofer and tweeter work in perfect concert. You’ll hear all the details of your music, even when the throttle is forward and you’re skimming over the waves. You don’t have to worry about mounting the crossovers, either, because they’re attached to the speaker frames. These big, beefy coaxial speakers offer a huge performance advantage over conventional 6.5″ marine coaxials and even JL’s already-impressive 7.7″ models. The bass performance is so impressive that you might not even need a subwoofer to pump out serious low-frequency thump. But if you do use a subwoofer, you’ll hear vastly better dynamics and mid-bass impact. If you want seriously rich, full sound on your boat, these speakers, combined with a subwoofer, are a great choice. The unique Transflective™ cones are designed to both transflect light (the LEDs shine through) and reflect light (the cones look silver when the lights aren’t in use), so your speakers will look awesome whether the lights are on or off. The LEDs themselves are mounted to the speaker’s frame and illuminate the cone from underneath. This very smart bit of engineering ensures smooth, vibrant light without the “hot spots” you’d notice on lesser LED speakers. It sounds like a subtle difference, but when you see them lit up, you’ll understand what a huge improvement this is.
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