PIONER 17 Flexi
Brand: Pioner
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The Pioner 17 Flexi has been constructed for the active boater, with several opportunities of accessories.
The Pioner 17 flexi is a robust and incredibly seaworthy all-round boat with an agile design. The Pioner 17 Flexi is a boat made to be used, and is ideal to have at a cabin. In addition, it can be used for many other purposes, such as diving and water sports. The Flexi has extensive floor space and folding chairs can be mounted at a later date as needed.The boat has automatic self-scudding.
11756,40 €
CE sertifikaat C
Inimesi 6
Kaal (kg) 390
Laius (m) 2,15
Mootori tüüp Päramootor
Mootori võimsus propivõllil (hj) 75
Pikkus (m) 5,20
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The Pioner Viking has a simple design and excellent seaworthiness. The boat has a high freeboard and is a perfect family boat.
The Pioner Viking is a self-draining boat with a proven hull. The standard model has three lockable areas for luggage, equipment and the fuel tank. The boat has ample space for six people. Additional equipment, such as a gantry with lanterns, rust-free railings, a set of cushions, windshield and windshield frame make the Pioner Viking an attractive boat that can achieve good speeds.
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• Laud kokpitis
• Laua võimalus kokpitis
• Interjööri kardinad
• Kajuti madrats
• Külgaken
• Teine tuuleklaasi kojamees + aknapesu komplekt
• Avatav roolimaja katuseluuk
• Ilma aknkrurullita
• Pikendatud ujumisplatvorm
• Sildumise ja ankurdamise komplekt
• Päikesetekiks muudetav kokpit
• Vööriredel (kui on pakett Nordic)
• Kaks ridvahoidjat
• Laud kokpitis
• Manuaalse pumbaga veesüsteem
• WC koos tangiga
• PRE-RIGGING SUZUKI 1x (40-115HP) mehaaniline
• Avatav kajutiluuk

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Paat EVINRUDE E90 DPX mootoriga, hind: 41 380,74 EUR
Paat SUZUKI 100XL mootoriga, hind: 41 500 EUR
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