SWIFT TRAWLER 41 Sedan boat

578640,00 €
SWIFT TRAWLER 41 Sedan: A generous passagemaker, the Swift Trawler 41 successfully renews the spirit and style of the trawler range. Ample living space, comfortable and practical, this new innovative 40-foot powerboat, available and both Fly and Sedan versions, has an on-board capacity of up to 7 passengers. What an accomplishment! Her stylish, modern, aggressive look reflects the Swift Trawler line renewal, marked by the launch of the Swift Trawler 47. The Swift Trawler 41 has a fluid and balanced profile, emphasized by a slender flared out hull, which means she cuts perfectly through the sea. Her wheelhouse offers a strikingly generous glazed space, while the fore deck, with its large sun pad and a high protective pulpit make this long-distance cruiser even more distinctive
Not available
CE sertifikaat B Offshore
Inimesi B8/C10/D10
Joogiveetank (l) 400
Kaal (kg) 10520
Kere materjal Klaasplast
Kere pikkus (m) 12,52
Kütusetank (l) 1170
Laius (m) 4,20
Maksimaalne võimsus 2x201/2x270
Mootori tüüp Veovõll
Pikkus (m) 13,43
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