Important GPS Rollover Updates

by Evelyn Kivi on 14.06.2019

GPS Rollover event occurred in April 2019. GPS Rollover events occur every 20 years due to the date and time scale used by the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is based on counting weeks and seconds within a week. When the counter reaches 1024 weeks, it rolls back to week zero.

If GPS products are designed without considering this, problems can occur including incorrect date and time values and/or the loss of position information.



Lowrance can confirm that the Hook2-9 SplitShot/TripleShot and the Hook2-12 TripleShot units are the only current generation affected by the GPS Rollover. All other current generation devices are 100% compatible with the recent GPS week rollover event. However, several legacy products will require a software update.

Affected Lowrance units: 

Lowrance HOS Gen1

Lowrance HOS Gen2

Lowrance HOS Gen2 Touch

Lowrance Elite HDI Lowrance Elite CHIRP Lowrance HOOK 

Lowrance Hook2-9"/12" only

New software to fix this issue can be downloaded from the Lowrance website, or from the download section of system builder online. This version supersedes the previous version.

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This version resolves an issue where the NSS Sport displayed an incorrect date or time. Some users may also have experienced loss of position information.
The issue was caused by changes in the GPS Satellite constellation, because of the 1024 Week Rollover that occurred on 6th April 2019. More information). The internal GPS receiver within the NSS Sport did not interpret the changes correctly, resulting in the incorrect time, date or unable to obtain a position fix.
A new software to correct this issue can be downloaded from the Simrad-Yachting website, or from the download section of system builder on line. Please note the version number has not
increased (46.2.24) the difference is the r number in the file. NSS-3.0-46.2.24-28289-r4-Standard-
This r4 version supersedes the r2 version. Users of the r2 version will be missing position information after the 6th April GPS Week Rollover.

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B&G is pleased to announce new software for the Zeus Touch range of multifunction displays addressing the GPS Rollover and incorrect Time and Date received from the GPS system. 

• Fixes the Time and Date settings being received incorrectly from the GPS Satellites
• Fixes the week number being reset following the GPS Rollover

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