New V60-B VHF Radio

by Evelyn Kivi on 19.06.2019

 Announcing the new V60-B VHF Radio

We are pleased to announce the launch of the V60-B VHF Radio – the first B&G radio to incorporate a built in, full, Class B AIS Transmitter and Receiver, as well as a fully integrated GPS.

There are several VHF Radios in the market that contain AIS receivers, but B&G’s V60-B also incorporates a transmitter, giving the user the benefits of a V60 and an NAIS-500 in one single product. In this way, the user can see and be seen by other AIS-equipped vessels. AIS information is displayed on the V60-B’s built-in screen, or can be overlaid on the chart or radar screen through a compatible chartplotter.

The V60-B has all the features of the V60, released last year, with the addition of an AIS transmitter.


Key Features

• Full class B AIS receiver and transmitter

• Built-in GPS. The user can choose between an internal or external GPS

• Seamless integration with a wider B&G system through NMEA 2000 and 0183

• Optional support for up to two H60 wireless handsets with inductive charging

• Large screen with intuitive user interface

• Low-profile design to match B&G chartplotters

• Front mountable installation

• Remote mountable fist mic.

• Track Buddy feature – coverage for up to 5 boating friends

• Navigational mode – the VHF will display speed and course

• Favourite channel mode


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