M200 Joystick Control Unit (JCU3)
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A JCU–3 keypad enables you to control the camera from additional locations on your vessel, separate from any Raymarine® LightHouse™ multifunction display or IP-capable device running a web browser. You can install multiple JCU–3 keypads. Multiple JCU–3 keypads can control a single camera; a single JCU–3 keypad can control multiple cameras in more complex systems.

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The joystick is the primary control for the M400 & M400XR. It is used to wake the system or put it in standby, operate the pan and tilt movement, zoom the camera, control cameras modes and features, and configure system settings by means of OSD menus. Includes JCU2 and mounting hardware. Requires Power over Ethernet

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Combining a high-performance visible marine camera with long-range optical zoom capability, the M300C offers positive target identification for law enforcement, commercial, and recreational applications. Advanced gyro-stabilization provides steady imaging in rough sea conditions and allows the M300C to monitor targets or hazards over long distances continuously. Exceptional low light performance from the M300C gives captains enhanced awareness once the sun dips below the horizon. Contents 1. Camera head 2. Top Down Riser 3. 3 x 3 meter cable set; Power/ Serial/ Composite Video Cable, Raynet to Raynet Ethernet cable, Coax HD-SDI Cable 4. Raynet to RJ45 adaptor 5. Camera install hardware

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The MD-Series is an affordable, compact, fixed-mounted thermal night vision system that helps with steering around obstacles, collision avoidance, and finding people in the water at night. Simple to mount and easy to integrate into your existing electronics, MD-Series outputs standard analog video that can be easily displayed on almost any monitor at the helm or other locations on the vessel.

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The FLIR M400’s advanced 640 x 480 sensor delivers stunning thermal video in total darkness and lowlight conditions. An HD Color visible camera with 30X zoom and a tight-beam LED spotlight augment target identification for added safety. The M400 offers a continuous optical thermal zoom lens (up to 4×) for seeing vessels and objects at greater distances. Active gyro-stabilization and radar tracking keep important targets in view at all times.

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The FLIR Scion® OTM captures clear thermal imaging and leverages a refined user interface to quickly detect objects of interest in complete darkness and through glaring light or haze. Built around FLIR’s powerful Boson core, the Scion OTM produces 9 or 60 Hz thermal imaging and records geotagged video and still images for playback long after the day is done. A rugged, IP67-rated housing and intuitive controls allow single-hand operation in harsh weather conditions, maintaining reliable thermal imaging in the most demanding outdoor environments.

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