Tootekood: MULTI
Kaubamärk: Pioner
Laoseis: Tellimisel
It’s all in the name. The Pioner Multi has such an intelligent design that its usability stretches from that of an emergency boat to a fishing boat, to a diving boat and a country boat. Professional seafarers love this boat, which offers extensive features and high loading capacity
The bow port which is now 92cm wide is lowered with a rust-free hoist, which eases embarking/disembarking and loading/unloading. It has a simple design and is extremely seaworthy. There are many more than just professional boaters who need a Pioner Multi.
11484,72 €
CE sertifikaat CE
Inimesi 8-10
Kaal (kg) 466
Kere materjal Polüteleen
Laius (m) 2,15
Maksimaalne võimsus 58/80
Mootori tüüp Päramootor
Pikkus (m) 5,30
Süvis (m) 0,8
Sarnased tooted
Oceanis 38.1 on kaval kombinatsioon praktilisusest, jõudlusest ja elegantsist sellise paadi suuruse juures, kus funktsioon tavaliselt kaalub üles personaalsuse. Oceanis sari jätkab laia valiku pakkumist nõudlikele klientidele.
Oceanis 38.1 kere pakkub üllatavalt suurt sõidumugavust. Jäikus ülestõstetud purjedega viib laeva kiiremini kaugemale ning on selle juures väga stabiilne. Tõeline rõõm on omada kahte tüüri, grootpurje kaart ning suurt ujumisplatvormi sellise suurusega jahil.
Itaalia disainerite eesmärgiks oli suurendada eluruume salongis ning pakkuda suuremat privaatsust omaniku kabiinis.
Uus L-kujuline galeer, kus ruum on väga optimeeritud, et mahutada kaheksa inimest laua taha istuma.
Tootekood: OCEANIS38 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
201247,20 €
Falcon 300 has been redesigned to include innovative design features such as the tube stern end steps and bow step plate with integrated chrome-finish navigation lights. The deluxe folding bench seat and console side seat provide ample room for up to 4 passengers.

FALCON F300, Size 300x164cm, weight 65kg, Max 20HP, Max pers 4, Hypalon 800 EUR
Tootekood: F1141 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
2800,00 €
Capitalizing on 40 years of expertise, the First Yacht 53 is the latest member of the First range, launched by BENETEAU in 1977. With sights set on high-performance cruising and more, if you are keen on regattas, this “Luxury Performance” sailing yacht was designed for expert sailors and demanding owners. With a well-balanced hull and helm for unique sensations, easy-flow deck plan, modern marine interior with a décor of white lacquered bulkheads and moulded wood, the First Yacht 53 gets the renewal of the new generation of First sailing yachts truly underway!
Tootekood: FIRST53 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
658560,00 €
With a length overall of 11 metres, the new flagship of the Antares fleet is the perfect illustration of a family cruiser. Safe, ideal for cruising, and seaworthy, the contemporary design of this powerboat focuses on comfort and space, as well as safety and innovation.
Tootekood: ANTARES11OB ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
176418,00 €
Newer generations are having their first boating experiences with the Pioner 10. The traditional hull is adapted to rowing and small engines.

It is lightweight and has carrying handles on both sides, which makes the Pioner 10 easy to carry and pull ashore.

PIONER 10 Classic Limited Edition includes: Steering console low, w/cable, Handrails front, Handrails back, A-frame w/center lantern light, Cushions, set of 3 pc., Safety ladder
Tootekood: 4510849 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
4095,00 €