Kuva: Nimekirjana / Võrgustikuna
The Navigator 610 has been designed and built with adventure in mind. A reinforced deep-V hull, wide console, comfortable helm seating (or optional ergonomic jockey seats) and rear bench seat gives this boat a stunning ride, even at speed

NAVIGATOR N610L/J, Size 610x230cm, weight 570kg, Max 150HP, Max pers 10, Fuel tank 120L, Hypalon 2 500 EUR
Tootekood: N12610 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
20600,00 €
The Navigator 570 is a development of the hugely successful tried and tested Falcon 570. Using the proven hull and tube design of the Falcon 570 the Navigator boasts some clever new developments. The newly designed splash-back well incorporates a large rear watersports locker with bench seat over.

NAVIGATOR N570L/J, Size 570x230cm, weight 480kg, Max 120HP, Max pers 9, Fuel tank 98L, Hypalon 2 300 EUR
Tootekood: N12570 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
18000,00 €
The Navigator 520 is the latest edition to the highly-regarded Navigator series and is designed for outgoing, active families looking to expand their boating horizons and take on new challenges.The Navigator 520 is the ideal support boat for a sailing fleet or those who are seeking a safe and affordable family leisure boat.

NAVIGATOR N520L/J, Size 520x230cm, weight 440kg, Max 100HP, Max pers 8, Fuel tank 98L, Hypalon 2 100 EUR
Tootekood: N12520 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
15900,00 €
BRIG NAVIGATOR seeria asetub Falcon ja Eagle vahele. Tegemist on paadiga, kus iga detail on läbi mõeldud ning toodetud kõrgete standardite järgi. Navigator on sügava V-põhjaga, mis tagab sõidumugavuse ka tormise ilmaga.
Navigator sobib ka professionaalseks kasutuseks.

NAVIGATOR N485L, Size 485x230cm, weight 380kg, Max 75HP, Max pers 7, Fuel tank 67L, Hypalon 1 900 EUR
Tootekood: N12470 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
13800,00 €
The Navigator 700/730 is all about freedom, getting out and enjoying the water safely and in style. With a great platform for all watersports – wakeboarding, water skiing, scuba diving and fishing – you have the ability to explore the coast, access hidden coves and secret beaches.

NAVIGATOR N700L/J, Size 700x280cm, weight 930kg, Max 225HP, Max pers 12, Fuel tank 340L, Hypalon 3 200 EUR
Tootekood: N12700 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
31200,00 €