NSX® 1.5 tarkvara uuendus

by Admin on 13.07.2023

Meil on hea meel tutvustada Simradi NSX® tarkvara 1.5 versiooni.
Esialgu on uus tarkvara saadaval ainult Simrad-yachting veebisaidilt. Uuendatud rakenduste juhendite ja tarkvaravärskenduste märkmetega saab tutvuda siin:


Mercury Marine® engine full-page app
There is now a full page Mercury® engine app accessed by a Mercury® app button on the home page.


Note: Requires a Mercury SmartCraft Connect gateway to operate.

Mercury Marine® Autopilot control bar


There is now a new Mercury® autopilot control bar that will automatically be displayed if the boat has the required Mercury® equipment.


Network Sonar sharing
Echosounder data sharing between multiple NSX® displays is now enabled

C-MAP X Chart manager.
The X Chart Manager allows NSX® users to keep their NSX® running Discover® X or Reveal® X with the freshest chart data, or have the ability to purchase new charts directly from the NSX®

• C-MAP social mapping layer is available to subscribed users with latest data downloaded via the chart manager
• Satellite overlay improvement when used with the Reveal layer. Satellite overlay will show over land when Reveal is active.

Third party chart support
NSX® is now compatible with a range of third-party charting options, such as CMOR®, StrikeLines®, Florida
Marine Tracks®, and Standard Mapping®... These options will become available throughout 2023, letting users
choose the charts best suited to their needs and local waters*.
*NSX®-optimized chart cards are required. U.S.A Only

RGBW Lighting
An NMEA 2000® RGBW lighting module can now be controlled by a new “lighting” control bar on NSX® displays.
New standard PGNs to control lighting systems over NMEA 2000® were released in August 2021 by NMEA®. The new NSX® software can use these PGNs to allow the user to customize lighting color, adjust brightness, and create various lighting scenes using a new control bar.

Other Improvements and fixes
• It is now possible to remove unwanted app icons from the home screen. Press and hold an icon, select edit home screen, then Hide app
• Service report creation enhancements.
• GPS Offset distance measured from the bow to the GPS antenna can be added under Settings>Boat network>Sources>Position
• An ODB MIL icon will be displayed if connected to a compatible engine system


Update Instructions
1. The latest software for NSX® will be available for general download from simrad-yachting.com (or dealers from system builder)

2. Download the updater file. (file size approx. 900 MB)

3. Copy the .upd file to the root of a Micro SD card or USB drive* (32 GB max FAST32 if upgrading from version 1.0)

4. With the NSX® powered on, insert the Mico-SD card (or USB slot*) into the card slot in the rear of the NSX®

5. Unit set to download updates automatically (default). The file will start to transfer to the NSX® unit. Progress can be viewed in the Alerts panel. Or go to Settings > General > Software updates.

6. Once transferred, select update now. The process takes a few minutes. Follow any on-screen instructions.
* USB slot on NSX 3009 and 3012