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AR81 Bearing Repeater displays vessel heading on an illuminated analog dial with 1° markings, usable with an attached azimuth circle to take bearings on celestial bodies and surface targets. The AR81 is pre-configured to accept input from Simrad GC80 and GC85 gyrocompasses. This repeater must be mounted in a Repeater Holder or Stand, sold separately.
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GC80/85 Remote Mount Kit - Double System Controller. Comes with Frame, Cover Panel and Cable Harness.
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GC80 / GC85 MK2 Control Units, Main Gyro Control Panel located in Compact, Expanded and Dual MK2 Control units.
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GC80/GC85 DOUBLE SYSTEM CONTROLLER UNIT, For DNV Nautical Safety requirements -Switch-over automatic or manual; -GNSS and SDME input for gyro speed error correction; -Prerequisite: Two independent GC80/GC85 systems; -Remote heading source selection; -AMS, BAM
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