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B&G ZC2 Remote controller. (Landscape mount) For use with ZEUS²/³,ZEUS²/³ Glass Helm and Vulcan MFD systems and brings simple and precise MFD control in even the roughest sea conditions..
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B&G Zeus³S Glass Helm 19" System Pack. Includes Zeus³S 19´ Multifunction display, MI10 card reader and ZC2 controller: The B&G Zeus³S Glass Helm 19 is designed specifically for blue water sailing, multihulls and superyachts. This premium, super-fast, large-screen, multifunction display sits at the heart of your fully integrated navigation system. The Zeus³S Glass Helm provides easy-to-use touchscreen and remote control options. B&G’s unique sailing features including SailSteer and RacePanel all combine with Radar, charting, sonar and much more. (World Basemap or C-MAP US)
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